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Grow your business with targeted strategies and reach wider customer base


Digiedia is a very adaptable and on going Digital Marketing Company. We have our own Search Engine Optimization(SEO) skills and rightful techniques that has been proved to be beneficial.
We don’t make false promises to our clients. Our clients can see our transparent policies. We are not a static company as we provide SEO and Digital Marketing solutions to any size of company in any industry. We do not limit ourselves to any specific industry but to all types of enterprises.
Digiedia works according to the plans and needs of your company. We insist we becoming a part of your enterprise and understand your company’s goals and weaknesses. We focus on client relationships and results. Our reviews and testimonials can speak how much we intend to promote your company’s growth.

How Digital Marketing Services ? helps to grow your business

Focus on the ideal customers at the ideal time on the ideal platform

Digital Marketing provides businesses of all sizes to market their brand 24/7 in a budget friendly way. Starting from startups to multiple-location companies, Digital marketing conveys your niche to targeted customers irrespective of time or distance.
Investing in a appropriate Digital Marketing Company is the ultimate way to reach your prospects. As long as you have a strong digital presence, ideal customers will find you.
For many years, various companies have took the chance of investing in Digital Marketing world which have proved to be successful. Digiedia follows systematic steps and services to provide the most comprehensive ways to reach your customers and increase your website ranking.

Digiedia’s Digital Marketing services

Focus on the ideal customers at the ideal time on the ideal platform

Search Engine Optimization

Carefully implemented SEO Techniques including creating backlinks, enhancing content, on page and off page optimization to attract high quality leads and traffic. We carry on with extensive keyword research to achieve higher rankings and greater visibility. We also structure your website data and optimize your html codes for search engines to understand your content better. Our team is rich of SEO experts and professionals who can suggest you better solutions in specific markets and geographies.

Franchise SEO

We intend to focus on the visibility of your franchise around your service prospects and brand location. Through optimization of business listings, publishing geo service pages and blog posts, we will promote your brand franchises. We monitor keyword raking, website traffic and qualified leads. We will also provide monthly report on status and response of your SEO campaigns. In this way, we can strategize franchise marketing and secure your company’s success.

Local SEO

Google clarified that 46% of their researches are local. This means people search for the nearest existing local businesses. Hence, keeping in mind your location, we insists on enhancing local link building using name, address and phone number (NAP). This helps in creating a domain where your ideal customers could find you easily. Our digital marketing company can help you gain the attention of numerous consumers, get more sales and be on the top recommendation of search engines for every local business searches.

Technical SEO

Google is clear about the fact that having a responsive site is considered a very significant ranking signal by its algorithms. Our Technical SEO professionals can fix error reports, check https codes, structure data, optimize site speed or delete duplicate content. We can facilitate site migration depending upon your needs as well. All this is done to ensure effortless crawling and indexing.

Web design and development

We design your websites keeping it mobile friendly and interactive at the same time so that your page visitors can never lose interests. Our web designers optimizes websites by clearing calls-to-action (CTA's), avoiding carousels and rotating sliders, and create a content that matches everyone’s vibe. We create customized layout of various webpages as well as structure and categorize them for better readability. Hereby, changing the entire semblance of your website.

App development

For better performance and greater sales, application development is the key. Looking at the current scenario, mobile traffic have escalated desktop traffic. We have a specialized team of app developers who can create an application that is consumer friendly as well as convenient, hence can increase the sale to a considerable amount. As app developers, we make sure the application reaches out to as many users as possible and provide them with the best user experience.

Link building

Our digital marketing company has association with many well known brands and websites. Through collaboration, advertisements and sponsorship, your website can be known to various influential people out there. We perform regular blogging, publish unique, compelling content, and boost your social media engagement. With the help of efficient backlinks, we can put a spike on your websites rankings. This way you can acquire a steady stream of traffic into your website and gain your customer’s trust.

Custom Website design

With the help of custom web design services one could easily give a sort of personalized touch and unique user experience. Developers only built the architecture of the website but the additional functions and content are added according to the business changes. But with us, you can stay assured by leaving the headache to us. We create a customer friendly website so that they can navigate easily. Our SEO experts tend to create a website design that is identifiable by search engines by using relevant key words, page URLs, alt tags for images and rich content

Social Media Marketing

As we all know, social media campaigns ensure more customer engagement and sales. Social media plays a crucial role in business recognition. Our digital marketing company can identify your goals, performs competitor benchmarking and evaluate customers online behaviour. We can learn everything about your ideal audience, and grow brand awareness which can further increase your overall website traffic. We can further generate new leads and grow revenue by increasing signups or sales.

Pay per click(PPC)-

PPC enables you to reach leads and prospects when they are researching and looking to buy. Its highly effective way to bring interested buyers to your website. Our PPC specialists create targeted copies, optimize your bidding strategies, and monitors ROI for each keyword. We develop your keyword strategy and optimize your product listings to lower the cost the cost of advertising.

Content Writing

The content is very much crucial element in your website. Statistics said that people tend to spend more time on the websites which have value rich content. Our content specialists keep in pace with the latest news and market trends and create content with maximum precision. We adhere to google standards while developing a content. We also pack the headlines with high performing keywords and structure blog posts to promote easy reading. Trust our digital marketing company and you can expect highly of getting maximum rankings for your website.

Video Production

Video marketing is quite effective if done the right way. Video can be versatile tool for any business or enterprise for showcasing their product or services. Catch the attention of customers and create a buzz in the online community with SEO optimised video content. Illustrative videos amplify story telling process, captures everyone’s attention and take your brand to next level. Added to that, we also have provisions for script writing, motions graphic creation and video editing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can have a instant impact and can reach a global audience. With the help of Email marketing you can easily reach out to targeted audience. Most importantly, its cost effective as well. Our team builds your subscriber list, tests email campaigns before delivery and utilizes power words on your content. We create personalised newsletters to keep your email out of the spam folder and encourage customers to make a choice.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is mobile friendly, cost effective, has higher open rates and reaches a wide range of audience. It works with all types of marketing. This marketing strategy can be used to communicate offers, alerts and updates to customers who wished to receive these messages. When compared other ways of marketing, SMS marketing has enviable ROI.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is used by millions of people all over the world which makes it rather easier to convey your message to the rightful customers. In WhatsApp, you can set appointment remainders, shipping alerts, order notifications, verification codes, customer surveys, etc. It is a private and secure platform for all kinds of business transactions and deals. Its sort of magic wand for your business. With the help of our efficient team, we can utilise this strategy for your company’s growth.

Online Reputation Management

- Reviews and responses are very much important for either making or making a business. The online reputation of your business can reap the rewards and pave your way to success. We can help you to improve your company’s reputation. This is why, we utilize reputation management software to streamline your ORM practices and earn more positive feedbacks. We set up online monitors, managing negative reviews and encouraging happy clients to give positive feedbacks.

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce market have numerous opportunities if implemented the right way. Our SEO specialists can make the use of the excellent solutions for ecommerce marketing. We generate more product reviews, optimize your product pages and make a fierce strategy to achieve desired target for your business. We also leverage social media campaigns and analyse user experience. Webpages and email marketing can be dedicated to your brand’s story and how your products are made.

Amazon Marketing

Research suggests that 35% of Amazon shoppers click on the first product on the search page. Among the tough competition in Amazon, your brand to be recognized by people isn’t easy. This needs immense strategy and build up. We perform a extensive keyword research and optimize your product’s listings to enable more ideal consumers to find you in Amazon. We can enhance the product description, update the reviews and analyse the customer response. Our main aim is increase the conversion rate and the overall click-through-rate(CTR), ultimately increasing your sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversation Rate is the measure of the number of customers who actually buy your product out of the people who visit your product page. We can ensure conversation rate increase by adding pop up to your site, removal of unnecessary fields, putting reviews, testimonials, and logos hereby removing distractions and making the initial steps easy. We also promote simplified site navigation and verified payment systems. In brief, we will optimize your website for better conversions.

Ecommerce Web Design

The choice of website design is very much helpful in promoting your business. If you want more customers to grab your products or deals, you have pay more attention to the ecommerce services in your website. We do that for you by initialising automated email confirmation, stock control system, and secure payment transaction. We also keep a track of customer’s details, order history and status of orders. This way we can manage your database more effectively and expand your business globally.

Graphic Designing

With blending photography, illustration, typography, motion graphics into creating appealing images and designs that attracts more attention is what graphic designing is about. It is very much useful for digital marketing as it certainly makes a major difference in website traffic. Our graphic designers can make your campaigns much more complementary and exciting for your consumers. With the help of visual hierarchy and page layout techniques viewers can find it much more interesting.

Digital Business card

We design digital Business cards for any brand or business. Digital business cards can be easily shared, customized and updated. It is easily accessible and quick. You can even provide appropriate photos, videos, links, etc. Of your business. With just a single touch people can get your official business profile, phone number, mail id and even connect on WhatsApp. It is paper free and hence eco friendly. You can easily impress your clients with this latest technology.

Digital Invitations

Invitation cards are currently on the trend. It comes with a wide variety of features like adding song, album, location, guest greeting, etc. Also, it saves generous amount of time and money. Being digital makes it eco friendly, and if we look closely, it also saves the hassle of travelling back here and there and hence saves fuel too. It helps to manage space and food accordingly. The invitees can simply reply back to the invitation by filling out the RSVP form and send to the host. This way the you can manage any event conveniently.

Why every Business Should be using Digital Marketing Services?

Engage more customer base and acquire verified leads

At this age, Digital marketing is getting more hyped as people are investing huge amount of money in it. More and more companies are investing their time and resources in online marketing. This means there is greater competitiveness. In conclusion, to stand out among the crowd in digital market, you need new and well updated schemes. This can expand your market to a greater limit and you can achieve better prospect.
Digital Marketing helps you to :-

  1. Save time and energy
  2. Productive long term growth
  3. Track your campaign results
  4. Greater consumer engagement
  5. Acquire immense ROI
  6. Improve Conversion rates
  7. Build brand reputation

Why Choose Digiedia as your Digital Marketing Company?

Boost your company’s online growth rate

Digiedia is one of the most reliable Marketing Company across the city. We put our clients on the top priority and commit your brand’s digital success. Our main objective is to increase your overall client retention rate and maximize business opportunities

By choosing Digiedia, you can get in touch with the following advantages:-

Data driven Digital Marketing Services

We make the right use of data and resources available and put the right amount if effort to make your brand digitally presentable in the right platforms. We authorize your company’s strength and weaknesses, and make sure that it has reached its target.

Energetic Digital Marketing Team

Digiedia has a group of young and passionate professionals who has inevitable energy and enthusiasm. They keep in track of latest trends and innovations. With the help of campaigns, online blogs and posts, we meet all the search engine guidelines and make sure your website reaches its desired ranks.

Custom Digital Marketing Framework

We follow a certain specific marketing framework suitable for your company. That framework touches all the important notions of marketing and hence enhance your digital presence.

Omnichannel personalization

In Digiedia we analyse the response of viewers and customers, and find out the appropriate way to customize your website to drive more business. This further boosts your revenue and brand loyalty.

Campaign monitoring and evaluation

We regularly monitor your websites doing and analytics, and adjust your online marketing tactics to put you in a stronger financial position. This lets you determine your rightful strategies and aspirations for the good of your own company.

Competitive pricing

We are enormously flexible when it comes it pricing. We manage your company’s demands and needs based on your financial capacity and suggest you the best available option. This we provide you more online attention without spending any extra bucks.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ's

Digital marketing refers to all the aspects and activities regarding business, brand, franchise advertisements and promotions across the internet or the social media.

A Digital Marketer creates effective and beneficial strategy in keeping mind your company’s goals and requirements. They ensure more brand engagement and sales through various Optimization practices.

It can’t be totally said that digital marketing shall help your business to benefit to a great extent but yes, it can surely make a difference if you implement the right amount of source and energy. Everything depends upon your marketing skills.

In comparison to Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing does not involve unnecessary spending and hence somehow proves to be cost effective. Digital Marketing believes more in targeted approach, reaches the ideal customer base more efficiently through online campaigns and advertisements. Although, the costs involved in digital marketing is dependent on the project scope.

Its good to choose an agency with proven successes, client testimonials and case studies. However, even if its a successful Digital Marketing Company, it cannot provide immediate results as digital marketing strategies take time to yield its outcomes.

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