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Pay Per Click Services in Kolkata: A Shortcut to Growth

From conglomerates to budding startup enterprises, every organisation is in a race to get at the top of the search engine result pages (SERP). The competition is back breaking in the market and firms are figuring out ways to gain higher traffic, more quality leads and conversions. Digital Marketing has introduced many channels, methods and strategies that could help the enterprises dominate their niche in the search engine and enjoy high conversion rates.

 Pay Per Click ads can be a golden solution for the firms who are looking for a jump start, faster results, high conversion and a spot on the top of the result pages, garnering the attention and the impressions of the surfing audiences and visitors.

However, the challenges faced by the businesses are endless in the market. 

High competition, the continuously changing platform algorithms, rules and regulations, fickle interests of the audiences and consumers, market trends and standards can severely impact the growth and the revenue generation of the firms. Such constraints can make the business slow down in its path and impact its conversions and lead generation. 

This is why it is highly important for the businesses to stay vigilant of the market trends and be aware of the tools and strategies, in order to beat the competition and stay sustained.
So, how does Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement help your business and give it the push it needs? How can the method help your business overcome and beat the tough competition? How does it work? What are the things you need to focus on before you choose this digital marketing channel? How can Pay Per Click ads give you higher conversion rates and add to your business? 

Read on to know how you can make use of Pay Per Click ads and services and generate greater revenue and growth.

Pay Per Click Marketing - A Detailed Explanation


Digital marketing has enabled the business organisations to reach out and promote, market and advertise their products and services all over the world. It has dissolved the geographical boundaries and has made it easy for the businesses to grow and expand. The tools and the strategies have made it a lot easier for the firms to push traffic into their platforms and generate high quality leads. Pay per click ads is one such channel and strategy that can immensely help a business grow. 

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid digital marketing model that allows you to place advertisements of your brand or business, all over the digital platforms and drive traffic and conversions. You can place pay per click ads in the search engines and various social media platforms. In PPC, you buy and push the visitors towards your business websites and other digital platforms. In these ads, you as an advertiser pay a defined fee to a publisher, every time a visitor or an audience clicks your advertisements and visits your platform. The traffic you receive on your platforms from Pay Per Click is not organic, because you, as an advertiser, have paid the publisher in order to derive traffic from them instead of organically procuring it. 

In this process, you strategically place the advertisements in such a way that it showcases your business to the targeted audiences, scrolling and surfing on the platforms. The paid advertisements make your products and services visible to the audiences and the visitors. They highlight the value your business aims to provide. This model is generally offered by search engines and social media networks. Google/Bing ads, Facebook and Instagram ads and Twitter ads are the most popular social media platforms that encourage you to place ads and drive traffic to your website and other platforms for a fee.  

How Does PPC Works?

The Pay Per Click channel works in two different systems for the advertisers. In the Flat Rate method, the advertisers pay the publisher a fixed and defined fee, for each click that is placed on their ads by visitors. This method is usually applied by the price comparison shopping sites. 

The Bid Based system is the most common model of pay per click advertising, where the advertisers bid on the ads in an ad auction. The advertisers pick the keywords that are relevant and related to their brand or business, considering the Cost Per Click (CPC). These are the keywords that would trigger an advertisement, every time a visitor places a search query. An ad is created and placed on the search engines when the relevant keywords are procured. 

The ads with the highest ad rank secure the top spot on the search engine result pages (SERP) whenever a visitor surfs using the keyword. When the visitor clicks on the ads or the sponsored links and lands on the relevant website or the platform, the advertiser is charged a determined fee. 

But there is a condition that needs to be considered before you apply this strategy for your business. Your ad is not guaranteed the highest spot on the result pages just because you have placed a bid. The quality of the content and the ad is determined by the publishers before giving your advertisements a spot and visibility upon a search query. 

Here are the Benefits of Pay Per Click and why you should consider this strategy for your business:

Benefits Of Pay Per Click Advertising

Target Your Audience And Reach The Right Customers: 

 In Pay Per Click ads, you get to target the keywords and reach the audiences who are surfing and looking for value or the exact service on the platforms. Pay per click ads pushes your business at the top of the search engine result pages and garners the attention of the flowing traffic. In other words you get to reach the visitors at the right time and generate high quality leads, who would actually add to the revenue generation. Unlike organic digital marketing channels, your business receives high quality leads instantly. 

Full Control Of Your Ad Campaign

If you have a small or a budding business and are looking for growth and high traffic, the pay per click model would allow you to start creating ads on a small and affordable budget. Pay Per Click grants your business budget flexibility and you are free to choose plans and services according to your finances. You can make use of PPC and instantly get the desired results you are aiming for, provided you have a good quality score. PPC allows the businesses to start small and grant them the quick opportunity to grow. You can also scale up your investments or immediately stop according to your results. You as an advertiser, are free to set your own budgets and bids and choose the amount you are willing to spend accordingly.

Fear No Algorithms!

When you apply the pay per click channel for advertising and marketing your business, the results do not depend on the ever changing rules, regulations and the algorithms of the search engines. Your positive growth rate would not drop or your website would not receive any less of the traffic if algorithms were suddenly modified or changed in the search engines. You would continue to get the results according to the invest you have made into advertising your business and your performance would not depend on the search engines as long as your quality scores are good and your ad copies are attractive.

Instant And High Traffic

When you place a pay per click ad, you instantly get to secure the top spot of the result pages. It enables you to catch the attention of the flowing traffic. It also makes it easier for the visitors to spot what they are looking for, since they are targeted. The pay per click method pushes traffic into your website, the moment your ad is approved and placed on the search engine. The process is instant. Unlike organic marketing strategy, you do not need to wait for months or years for your business to enjoy high traffic.

You Get To Measure And Track Your Results

The Pay Per Click channel allows you to track and measure the performance of your ad campaigns. This is one of the major benefits of employing this digital marketing strategy. PPC offers you highly detailed and descriptive insights that can help you analyse how much growth and conversions your ads have added to your business. If you use Google ads as your PPC platform, you would receive highly detailed insights and reports from google analytics, which would help you understand how far your ads have reached. PPC platforms allow you to track how the audiences behave or make use of your ads on the digital platforms. You get to see the number of impressions your ad campaign received or the number of visitors that clicked your ads and went through your business. You would also get to track the advertisements that were profitable and converted into sales and generated revenue or added to the growth of your business. All the stats and the metrics would be at your finger tip and you would be able to make decisions accordingly, as you please.

Quick Results

Pay per click starts working for your business the moment your ad gets to the top spot of the search engine pages. Unlike the organic way of digital marketing, the pay per click promises immediate results. It is quick to deliver. You are not required to wait a long time for your business to take off and start generating revenue. PPC helps you meet all your goals and objectives in a very short time.

Jump Start Your Business

If you have a budding business looking for leads and growth or an established firm aiming to build an online presence, the pay per click model of digital marketing can help you catch up with the media trends and the competition. PPC gives your business a jump start and also offers you immediate results and growth.

Improved Brand Visibility

When your sponsored links or ads are placed on the top of the search engine result pages, your business gets high traffic and impressions from the visitors. Your ads dominate and target the selected keywords and the niche and make the visitors take notice of your brand and encourage them to learn further. The visibility and the brand awareness also increase with the traffic and the impressions. Your brand gets to enjoy a good recognition and an image in the crowd of competitors.

Types of Pay Per Click Ads that Help You Reach the Right People

Here are the types of pay per click ad campaigns you can launch in order to enjoy high conversion and increased traffic for your business:

Display Advertisements

Display ads are visual and graphic advertisements that are placed over the ad publishing platforms and may include images, illustrations, texts or videos. Display ads easily garner a lot of impressions and attention from the visitors. These ads can increase brand awareness and visibility of the business launching them on the publishing platforms. As they easily capture the attention of the surfing audiences, these ads stand out and leave an impact on the audiences. An appealing ad can compel and convince the visitors and the audiences to ‘click’ or push them to take an action and know more about the business and what more it has to offer.

Social ads

Social media is a buzzing and a lively digital space that grants huge marketing and advertising opportunities. A business can flourish and enjoy great success through marketing in social media. The social media platforms also as advertisement publishing platforms where paid social ads can be placed. These ads appear through all the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These ads help a business reach and target the audiences based on their interests, similar followed accounts and pages, ‘likes’, hobbies and preferences. Social media ads help increase the reach of your brand and generate high quality leads that can add to the revenue and profits of your business. Social ads can be a good investment for the brands that are looking for high quality leads and a strong base of loyal and repeated customers.

Search Ads

The search ads are placed and displayed on the result pages. These ads are the most common form of pay per click marketing channel, where the advertisers pay the publishing platforms to display their ads and help them gain traffic and conversions whenever a visitor places a search query using the keywords relevant and related to their business. Search ads are heavily influenced by the quality score and only target and appear to the visitors who are exactly looking for what your business offers. In order to make use of the search ads and confirm a top position on the search engine result pages, a high quality score is essential for your business.

Local Service Ads

Local service ads are very similar yet different from the traditional pay per click ads. While placing local service ads, you as an advertertiser are not required to pay for every click that is made and directed towards your business. Instead you pay for every lead your business receives through the ads. In other words you are required to pay per lead and not pay per click. The engagement of the visitors with your business is heavily emphasized in the local; service ads. Your ads are ranked on the basis of the reviews and the customer experience served by your business and the proximity to the visitor who placed the search query. If your business offers Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), plumbing electric supplies and services, you can make use of these ads and reach more local customers who are looking for the value your business provides.

Google Product Listing Ads

Google product listing ads can help your business drive sales and add to the revenue effectively, as these advertisements come up on the search engine and highlight your products your business offers to sell. These ads are placed right in front of the audiences and visitors who are looking for the exact products and are ready to invest. These ads can ensure your business high conversion rates.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads act as a reminder and allow you to reach out and reconnectwith the visitors who have already gone through your business and interacted with your platforms. These ads are cheaper and tremendously help increase the brand awareness and remind the audiences of the value your business aims to provide and they might miss out on. Remarketing ads encourages the audiences to get back your business websites or their shopping carts and make a purchase.

Amazon Pay Per Click Ads

Amazon offers its own pay per click model, where you can place your ads on the platform and pay a fee every time a visitor clicks on your ads on the result or the product pages. Amazon uses display ads to garner the attention of the users and show them the overview of the product they are looking for. Amazon ads give your business the opportunity to drive more sales and impressions to your business. The display ads of the products create high brand awareness and motivate the visitors to look through the products and place an order.

Factors You Should Consider While Creating A Pay Per Click Ad


Before heading on to create the aforementioned advertisements, here are the factors that you need to consider and focus on while employing the Pay Per Click channel: 

A Good Quality Score:

Quality score defines the relevancy and the quality of your ad campaign, chosen keywords and landing pages. Advertisers with a high or good quality scores are considered by the publishing platforms and receive more clicks at lower prices compared to the advertisers with low quality scores. Therefore, it is important for your business to invest in these factors and make a good use of the PPC ads. 

Keywords: Pay Per Click is a highly keyword oriented digital marketing channel. It is essential for you to choose keywords that are relevant to your business. It would ensure your ads or the sponsored links a good position in the result pages and you would have more traffic driven to your platforms.

Structured Landing Page: Businesses use landing pages to turn the audiences and the visitors into leads. It is a web page where the traffic is directed. The visitors are encouraged to subscribe to the brand for further nurturing and communication using relevant and tempting Call To Action (CTA) buttons. Therefore, creating a well optimised landing page with an interesting CTA, attached to the relevant search queries, is necessary for the businesses to have a good quality score and the attention of the flowing traffic on the search engines. 

An Appealing Ad Copy: A highly attractive ad copy is necessary in order to capture the attention of the visitors. It should also be equipped with a Call To Action button that would encourage the audiences and the visitors to click the ad and learn more about your business. A high quality ad copy ensures a good quality score and a position on the result pages, which can ultimately benefit you with more traffic and conversions.

Pay Per Click Services: How DIGIEDIA Can Help You Manage PPC For Your Business

Help You Improve and Optimise Your Landing Page

A landing page is an integral part of lead generation of a business. It motivates the visitors to learn more about your business and pushes them further down to the sales funnel. A good landing page with a relevant and meaningful Call To Action (CTA) button can help you increase the revenue and the sales of your business. If you have an appealing and well optimised landing page, it will also ensure you a high quality store and get you the top spot while creating and placing the pay per click ads.

DIGIEDIA lifts your business and manages your pay per click ads by ensuring you a good quality score. We help you optimise and improve your landing pages so that your business receives maximum conversion. We improve your landing pages with compelling headlines, engaging content, relevant keywords and a strong call to action button that facilitates sales and garners the attention of the surfing visitors. 

Help You Find The Right Keywords

Keywords can make or break the digital marketing strategies and impact the growth of your business. Therefore, it is highly essential for your business to use the right and the relevant keywords that help you reach the right and targeted audiences. Pay Per Click is a highly keyword oriented digital marketing channel, just like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Unrelated, irrelevant and low quality keywords can adversely impact your business or push it towards the wrong audience, giving your business no growth or sales. 

We assist you with analysing and finding the right keywords that would help your business target the right crowd and get high conversions. We can help you refine the quality of the traffic your business receives. 

Make Pay Per Click A Hassle Free Experience

If you are new to pay per click channel and do not know where to start but would like to see quick results, DIGIEDIA can help you manage your pay per click tasks and turn it into a smooth and hassle free process. From analysing and searching the right keywords to improving your quality scores for a better position on the result pages, we can assist your business with all the tasks. We track your results and focus on your performances, pushing your business to the new heights. 

Assist You With Paid Search Advertising And Focus On Your Quality Score

DIGIEDIA aims to focus on improving the quality score and rising your traffic and conversions for your business. Our services enable you to secure the top spot of the search engine result pages and enjoy a steep increase in traffic and lead generation. We aim to improve and optimise your ad targeting methods and strategies and help you find the relevant keywords that would help your business stand out in the ad auction. Our service allows you to make use of all the benefits PPC has to offer. 

Meet the Right Customers

Your business cannot enjoy growth and increase its revenue and profits, if it fails to target the right audience who would actually be interested in what your business has to offer. High quality leads help your business stay sustained. We help you optimise your conversion rates and push your business to the right audience and generate high quality leads that would certainly add to your revenue. We create attractive and compelling ad copies that would surely help your business push the leads down to the sales funnel. 

Help Your Business Rise with Social Media 

We understand the importance and the power of social media and how it can help your business expand and enjoy a lively and loyal audience. We can help your brand create a magnetic social media presence and get recognition. Our pay per click services enables you to study and analyse the likes and behaviours of your audiences and provide better value. We help your brand create better and engaging content, so that your business continues to generate quality leads and profitable conversions. 

Here are the 6 ways our Pay Per Click Services can help your business get a jump start in the market and help you beat the competition. We have the right tools to ensure your business gets quick results and commendable performances.  The pay per click channel can surely give your business the push it needs in order to grow and make the most of its audiences. 

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