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What is a digital business card?

Connections and contacts with the right people and organisations are necessary in order to expand and grow a business. It is important for your business to leave a mark and an impression on the audiences and make them aware of the value your business aims to offer and provide. The impression your business sets on the audiences, the image it creates and the connections it establishes in the market can be considered as an asset to your business. These elements are highly important and can decide the longevity of your brand. How do you set a long lasting good impression on the audiences? How do you get your audiences to learn more about you and your business? How do you let them know where they can have access to your services? A Digital Business Card can be the answer to these questions and help you transform the way you introduce your business and connect with your audiences. 

It is important for your business to be able to go with the flow and keep up with the modern ways and trends, in this digital era. Improvisation of the old ways of communications and promotions, are the key to success and can ensure growth and expansion for your firm. Your business can make use of a digital business card and connect with the audiences in a unique manner. This can surely set the impression your business aims to create and also pave the way of a beneficial relationships and connections, as well as future transactions. Read on to get a detailed overview of digital business cards and how it can add to the growth of your business


Digital Business Cards: Connect The Right Way

A digital business card helps you introduce your business and share the necessary contact details, to your audiences or the clients you come across in your way. It is a highly simple and shareable mean, which helps you connect with your audiences. A digital business card leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your audiences and allows them to look into what your business has to offer and sell. It lets them know you are available for establishing beneficial relationships and are interested in trade or transactions. The digital cards also make you and your business easily accessible, as the client or the audience can look into your digital business card and get the necessary contact details and reach out to you. It helps you continue the conversations, deals and the transactions. They can help you network in the most convenient and trendy way possible.

Digital business cards help your business leave an excellent first impression and increase the chances of your client reaching out to your business instead of just tossing your card away to the next bin! Here are the ways digital business cards can serve your business and why you should adopt them instead of the traditional paper cards: 

How Digital Business Cards Can Help You Grow Your Business

The digital business cards offer you tremendous benefits that can add to the growth of your business and help you establish beneficial relationships and connections with your audiences. Unlike the traditional paper business cards, the digital business cards make the process of networking and promoting your business a lot easier.  Here are the reasons why you should toss your obsolete traditional business cards behind and adopt the new unconventional ways: 

Flexible and Convenient

In the traditional ways of networking with your audiences and clients, you are required to carry your business cards wherever you go and share them physically with the connections you make or come across. The ways of networking with the digital business cards are highly unconventional. You are not at all required to carry hefty packs of your cards around. All you need is a mobile to share your business and contact details with your audiences and clients. It makes the process highly flexible and convenient for both the entities. The communication between your clients and the promotion of your business goes a lot easier and hassle free.
You also do not have to worry about running out of your digital business cards, unlike the traditional paper cards. You can easily make use of the right opportunities and connect with the right people without worrying if you are carrying enough cards around your pocket. it is truly a convenient process with the help of digital business cards. A mobile is all it takes!

Great Impression

Digital business cards make sure you leave a great first impression on your audiences and clients. Unlike the traditional business cards, a digital business card can enhance the way you network with the audiences and other organisations. Digital business cards carry detailed information and allow your audiences and clients to receive a thorough overview of your business and its operations. The detailed facts and information leaves a greater impact on your audiences and increases the chances of conversions and possible transactions. Your clients are more likely to reach out to you, if your business impresses them at a first glance. A great digital business card presents all the information the audiences and the clients require, at their finger tips. An appealing digital business card with detailed information and a clear message can surely leave your audiences impressed and eager to learn more about your business.

Eco-Friendly Networking

It is important for the businesses to be highly environmental friendly, accountable and conscious of the waste their day to day operations generate and how it affects the public and the society. The present times are highly crucial, considering the rising global warming and its challenges. The traditional business cards are not at all an eco-friendly tool for networking with your clients and audiences. Discarded cards generate a lot of wastes, therefore, are not appropriate for our environment in the times, when trees are already being cut down at alarming rates. Digital business cards not only help you impress your audiences, it also helps you cut down waste. It allows you to network responsibly, keeping the environment in mind. You get to communicate with your clients in an eco-friendly manner and also save a hundred trees!

Grow Strong Connections

Traditional business cards do not include detailed information about you and your business. The space is not enough for you to give a thorough introduction of yourself or what your business deals with and has to offer. Digital business cards on the other hand give your audiences a clear picture of your business and everything they would like to know about you. In this world of the internet, it is essential for your clients and audiences to know about the presence of your brand on the digital platforms. 

Modern digital business cards allow you to add your media handles and contacts. This makes it easier for your audiences and clients to reach out and follow up with you immediately and establish stronger connections and relationships. This can also present you with the opportunity to nurture your audiences and turn them into high quality leads and paying customers. Traditional business cards are quickly tossed into the bin or forgotten. A client might not even remember your business or lose out your business card and fail to reach out to you. Digital business cards make the process instant and easy and help your audiences stay connected with you and your business. 


Traditional business cards demand a lot of investment and can constantly keep you worried in fear of running out and missing out the opportunities to network and grow your business and connections. You would never have to worry about having enough cards with you at any particular moment with digital business cards. The digital cards can help you save your resources, as they do not require constant printing and buying every time you run out. Digital business cards do not require you to make heavy investments every year in order to make connections. They are also cheaper compared to the traditional cards and are likely to be a one time investment. It also saves your time and enables you to focus and invest in the other important aspects of your business. 

Digital business cards also enable you to connect and share your information and details with many people at a time. It makes networking easy as you do not run out of cards to share. The connections do not stay limited by the number of cards you possess at a given moment. Digital business cards allow you to establish relationships without any conditions or limits. 

Easy Updates

You are required to print and buy new business cards in order to update them, every time your information or contact details are changed in the case of traditional paper business cards. The process not only demands a heavy investment but it also consumes a lot of your time. Digital business cards present you with a fairly easy procedure. You are just required to re-edit your information and details in order to update. You are not required to invest a hefty amount to get an updated set of cards. The digital business cards are easily editable and can be personalized whenever and however you like.

Space For Details

The traditional paper business cards have extremely limited space. They only contain your basic information that might not be able to interest or impress your clients and the audiences. Such basic and limited information would not encourage your clients to look through your business or know more about you. They cannot look up your links, go through your website, or see your social media presence with a basic card that tells them nothing about your business. 

Digital business cards on the other hand grant you unlimited space to showcase your business and include every crucial detail your client or audience would like to know. The digital cards allow you to introduce your business in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Transparent details and facts add credibility to your business. It gets easier for the clients to look into your business, the value you aim to provide, your social media presence and popularity. Digital business cards make it easier for your clients to trust your brand. This can quickly encourage them to reach out to you for trades, deals and transactions. 

Space for Creative Expression

Traditional paper business cards allow you to customise and personalise to some extent. However, all your customisations are constrained by lack of space. The traditional cards cannot grab your client’s attention and pique their interests to know more about you and your business. Whereas, Digital Business Cards can be customised and personalised the way you like. There is ample space for creativity. You can truly let your digital business card represent your business and the vision you hold and have in your mind. You can refine and enhance your digital business cards with logos, video introductions, animation and illustrations, vibrant colours and designs that can certainly grab the attention of your clients and compel them to go through and learn more about your business right away! Digital business cards let you express yourself and your business without any constraints. 

Stand Out Of The Crowd

Digital business cards make it easy for your business to stand out of the crowd because of its unique features. Detailed information, convenient sharing and interactive features help you introduce yourself in the most effective way possible. It instantly leaves an impression and helps you and your business stay distinct.  

Great Conversion

A client or an audience might lose your traditional paper business card, toss it away or forget about it completely after you share it. In that case, your prospective customers would not be interested enough or able to reach out to you and establish a relationship. It can cost you important connections and opportunities and can keep you stagnant in your field. 

 As digital business cards build credibility and trust, the clients are more likely to stay in touch with you, establish connections and deals and turn into repeated customers. Digital business cards not only impress your clients but it also presents great conversions

Here are details and information you can add to your digital business card that can help your clients get to know you and get a clear overview of your business:

Ways To Share Your Digital Business Card

Unlike the traditional paper business card, you are not required to be present physically to share your contact and other details. Digital business card allows you to go contactless. You are free to share your card in any digital platform. You can also upload your digital business card on your website to let your audiences and partners connect with you. A digital business card can be attached with your mail to share more information about you and your firm, whenever you send out email updates or newsletters. You can also share your digital business card on social media, which can help you engage and connect with your audience. Links and QR code make it extremely easy for you to share your details and make use of opportunities instantly. A digital business card grants you a hundred ways to stand out, unlike a regular traditional card. The sharing and networking through digital business card is easy and hassle free. 

Digital Business Card Services: Why Choose DIGIEDIA

You can create digital business cards with the help of many applications. However, DIGIEDIA offers premium business cards that can help you stand out of the crowd and make networking and communication easier and effective. Our designers can certainly help you introduce and represent your firm, keeping your visions and the trends in mind. We aim to please you and create the tools that can truly help you express yourself in the best way possible. Our cards aim to celebrate the personality of your brand and your visions.


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