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A business organisation can be termed successful when it manages to form and build a strong base of loyal customers, who keep coming back to the organisation for value and what it has to offer. In order to build the profitable foundation of loyal and regular customers, a firm needs to be able to connect with the visitors and communicate with them. A fruitful communication full of value would surely turn them into leads. When a business nurtures the audiences and leads keeping their needs in mind and provides them a memorable experience, that’s when a concrete base of loyal customers is built. Email Marketing can help your business connect and communicate with your audiences. Communication, Marketing and Promotion go hand in hand and help your business generate revenue. Email Marketing Services can surely help you with all the three aspects of business.

The services can help your firm treasure your leads and the customers. It can help your brand communicate effectively, retain your customers and make them come back for more value. It can help you establish a beneficial relationship and keep in touch with your leads. Email Marketing Services can show you the way to effective and fruitful marketing and help your business stay sustained. Read on to know how:

Email Marketing Services: An Overview

Email marketing is one of the most popular and impactful tactics of marketing your brand and reaching out to the leads and audiences. In email marketing, you reach out to high quality leads or the existing customers, who are already subscribed to your business and brand and would love to hear back or know more about it. A commercial email is sent to the leads and audiences, to notify them about the services, ongoing offers, or some basic information about your business. Email marketing can be considered highly direct and personal for the audiences and the customers and a profitable strategy for the brands and the businesses.

You can promote your brand, a new product launch or an update to the services and reach out directly to the leads. Promotional emails with a great Call To Action (CTA) button result in great revenue generation, response and success. A Newsletter or an Informational email on the other hand would help your audiences and lead to stay in touch and maintain connection with your business. Here are the detailed benefits of email marketing and why you should employ it for your business:

Increased Brand Awareness

Being one of the most direct forms of marketing and promotion, email marketing lets your business communicate with the audience more closely and directly. The procedure can create an impression and a solid profitable impact. Email marketing demands the attention of your audiences and leads, it makes them know more about your business and the value it has to offer them. The impression adds to the image and creates the presence of your brand, every time an email is landed on their inbox, it increases and impacts the brand awareness. Good brand awareness can immensely help grow your business and email marketing can be used to build that.

Easy to Start and Execute: Highly Beginner Friendly

Email marketing is highly simple and easy to execute. If you have just started and are considering the option to reach out and promote your business to the audiences and leads, email marketing can be a good solution, as it is highly beginner friendly. It does not require you to be an excellent coding machine to execute a quality promotional campaign. Your business also does not require a huge technical team to back you up. It is a fairly easy process that you can handle with minimum skills. An attractive template, a simple and impactful message with a Call To Action button, in an easy to read font, your business logo and relevant images to serve your purpose, are pretty much all the things you need in order to execute a fruitful marketing campaign. Many email marketing tools and services offer drag and drop options which can make it extremely easy to create appealing and impactful emails.

Reaching the Audiences Worldwide

Email marketing lends your brand the opportunity to reach the audiences and leads and promote your products and services across the world. The process is quick and instant. One well drafted and executed campaign instantly reaches hundreds or thousands of people all over the world, giving your business a global outreach, recognition and popularity. Email marketing can help your business expand and grow remarkably and help you provide value on a greater scale.

Facilitates Customer Loyalty

With the help of email marketing, you get to reach out to your audiences and leads directly and you get to approach and communicate to them one on one. The process allows you to nurture the leads and provide them value and support throughout the sales funnel. Email marketing allows you to form and maintain a close relationship with your subscribers, highlighting the value and services offered by your business. It helps your business build a community and facilitates brand loyalty. An engaging and intuitive email marketing campaign, centered on the needs and the wishes of the audiences would make them trust your business. This can surely help your business generate revenue and stay sustained in the long run.

Saves Your Resources and Provides Greater Returns On Investment (ROI)

Unlike other marketing tools, email marketing is cheaper to employ. Small businesses can easily make use of this method and reach out to their customers and leads without heavy investments. Email marketing services often provide starter plans, trials and free plans too. The prices are minimal and one can send emails in bulk and reach subscribers in an instant, making it a cheap and cost effective alternative compared to the other marketing tools and channels. The investment generates a good return, for every $1 invested in email marketing grants you nearly $45 in return. The returns on investment are great and help your business budget and make use of the resources in an optimal manner. This is the sole reason many small business enterprises start out with email marketing to grow and expand.

Benefit of already engaged audiences and customers

In email marketing, you target the audiences who have already signed up and would want to hear back from your business. These are the audiences that would like to be notified about the ongoing offers on your products or receive a newsletter about your newly launched courses and books or a 24 hour clearance sale. Your business also gets to retarget the customers who would like to go back and re invest in your business and make a purchase. In other words, email marketing allows you to nurture and generate revenue out of your already existing assets i.e the audiences and the customers. Such benefits offer your business more chances of conversion and greater revenue generation, since the customers who appreciate the value your business has to offer, generally come back for more and re-invest. The procedure highlights customer loyalty, as well.

Allows You to Personalize

Email marketing is not just about sending dry promotional information and is not solely centered on driving sales and generating revenue and profits, anymore. Modern day email marketing is sensitive and intimate. New email marketing services and tools allow you to target your set of leads and audiences specifically and structure the emails in a way they prefer. Modern email marketing focuses on the customer or user experience too and allows you to form pleasing, intuitive, engaging and responsive content. You can personalize the content, the templates or add any feature that resonates with your brand and audiences. Email marketing is now about creating a meaning and providing value. An email marketing campaign would only successfully serve its purpose, if the audiences take out their time and engage with it instead of sliding your mail to the bin box.

Analyse Your Performance

In email marketing, you do not get to custom create and personalize your email content and the templates but you also get to analyse your campaign's performance and the impact or the revenue they generated. The procedure is highly results oriented. You would get to measure, analyse and improve your methods and ways as per the performance of your executed campaigns. Email marketing services provide you highly detailed insights and reports, so that you can do the needful. Click Through Rates (CTR), Conversion Rates and Bounce Rates, every record would be on your fingertips to measure and plan accordingly. You would get to know what your audiences prefer and respond to and take the necessary actions.

Increased Traffic

Email marketing not only helps you boost your sales and revenue, it also helps you drive traffic to your website and increase the readership and the value of your content. A great Call To Action button (CTR) can encourage and push your audiences to visit your website. You can also use email marketing campaigns to promote your blogs and website content. It can be used to increase and impact the experience of your customers and also help you generate more high quality leads. Email marketing can be a great method to derive and drive engagement and traffic to any kind of content you offer, over the internet. A quick email notifying about a new and exciting blog post or a new appealing social media post, can surely be beneficial for the communication, traffic generation and recognition of your brand.

Create an Impact

As email marketing is highly personal and lets your business approach and communicate one on one, it creates and leaves a greater impact on the audience. An email from a favourite brand or a business with anticipated news can surely excite and create a sense of urgency on the audiences and the leads, which can drive them to go through the inboxes and surf through your website or other media platforms. Firms can make use of this impactful communication through email marketing. If used and executed the right way, this method can be highly beneficial and profitable for the businesses.

Modern Email Marketing Services Feature: Email Automation - Study Your Customers

In order to establish a close relationship with your audiences and leads, it is important for your business to know them. The data of your audiences would help you turn them into repeated and regular customers. Gone are the days, when email marketing was about drafting a single email and sending it to your entire contact list, once and for all. Modern email marketing features are all about knowing your audiences and customers closely. It respects personalization and helps your business serve your customers and connect with them in a better manner. Here are the reasons why you should keep Email Automation in mind, before investing in an email marketing service:

Email Automation

Email Automation is a powerful feature, which allows you to create and send emails to your audiences or contact lists, automatically. This tool sends the relevant information and messages to the exact lists of audiences and responds to their action, whenever it is required. Email automation is connected to the analytics and reports of your business and studies the behaviours and actions of the audiences and leads surfing on your website. In this process, whenever a visitor takes an action that triggers the automation system, a relevant mail is instantly sent to stay in touch and confirm the action, by the business.

Email automation makes your business appear responsive and intuitive. This feature helps your business nurture the leads and maintain a close and regular contact. It also helps you guide them to the sales funnel. With the help of email automation, a welcoming mail with a warm message can be sent, whenever a new reader or a visitor surfs through your blogs and websites and decides to subscribe and know more about your business.  This can help your business establish a connection right from the start. The feature closely studies the behaviour, actions and interests of your audiences and leads and makes your business engage with them.

Here are the benefits of email automation and why you should look out for this feature in your email marketing service:

Keeps Your Customers Hooked

Audiences and customers feel highly appreciated and welcomed, when a business reaches out to them and values their presence and preferences. A quick welcoming email greeting your audiences or a personalized email suggesting some of their favourite products can help them connect with your brand in a greater manner. Such automated emails can make your customers come back for more. It facilitates brand loyalty.

Greater Engagement and Action

Automated emails can also make the audiences and customers engage with your business. An automated email every time a customer eyes your products or you post an informational blog, can instantly notify your audiences and encourage them to take an action or engage with your business and its content. It can make them want to know and learn more.

Helps Your Business Provide Value

Automated emails can help your business provide more value to your leads and audiences. The timely mails reflect how a business is involved and aims to serve them. An informational email assisting a visitor to register for your webinar, or a timely personalized mail to guide your customers to use and learn more about your products or download your Ebooks, can show them that your business means to assist and lend them value. It can strengthen the relationships between the two entities.

Generate Revenue

An automated email can push your leads into the sales funnel, turn them into customers and help your business generate revenue. A timely mail to assist them with the purchasing process or to remind them of the flash sales and offers can motivate and encourage them to make purchases. Since, emails are highly direct and personal, automated and structured emails with relevant messages can leave a great impact and boost your sales. Overall, Email Automation tools can prove to be a highly beneficial feature in the email marketing service packages and help grow the audience and the revenue of your business.

Email Marketing Services

Here are some of our email marketing partners that can assist your business with effective communication and profitable promotion:

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a highly beginner friendly email marketing service that you can employ to reach out to your audiences. If you are new to email marketing and do not know the proper know-how and are looking for an easy and simple solution, 'Constant Contact' can be the ideal option for you and your business. Here are the reasons why you should consider the service for your business: Benefits and Features of 'Constant Contact' Email Marketing Service - Constant Contact offers a highly beneficial mobile friendly template building feature that you can use to create appealing templates for your email marketing. This feature makes the process really simple and hassle free. Constant contact offers a mobile application for this process, which you can find on play store/app store to execute your campaign on the go. - This marketing service allows you to create templates with easy Drag and Drop method or you can also create templates right from the scratch, the choice is yours! - Constant contact also offers amazing benefits such as welcome mails for the new subscribers and segmentation for your audiences. This would surely help you build a warm connection with your new audiences and subscribers instantly. - This email marketing service also allows you to measure and keep track of the performance of your marketing campaign, in real time. This would surely help your business make decisions instantly! - In Constant Contact, you get the first month of the service free, which allows you to test and see if the features are aligned with what you desire for your business. The services are offered through two plans, starting from 1289 INR or $17 (approx) a month, based on the size of the contact list of your business.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the most popular email marketing services and here are the reasons why it is the right fit for your business: Benefits and Features of Mailchimp Email Marketing Service - You can draft your marketing email using HTML codes or choose templates as per your requirement. Just like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp also allows the easy drag and drop feature. - Mail Chimp offers email automation, segmentation options and can also help your business generate more leads through landing pages and sign up forms. The service also allows 24*7 email and live chat support that is only offered with the paid plans. - Mail Chimp also offers a free plan but it is limited to 2000 contacts only! If you have just started out a small or local business and have limited contacts, Mail Chimp can be the right fit for you. Mail Chimp offers 3 paid plans, starting from 770 INR or $10 (approx) for up to 500 contacts with features and customizations.

Send In Blue

Here are the reasons why you should employ Send In Blue for your email marketing requirements: Benefits and Features of Send In Blue Email Marketing Service - Send In Blue has an extremely smooth editor where you can easily build and execute your email marketing campaign. The service offers the easy Drag and Drop option along with HTML codes and 'Rich Text Editor'. - Unlike Constant Contact, Send In Blue does not offer any mobile application separately to draft the mails, but it definitely offers a smooth mobile friendly editor. - Send In Blue offers lead nurturing tools and features to grow your email list and the business. Live chat support along with all the modern features of email marketing services, including automation, personalization and segmentation has been kept in the package. However, the Live Chat Support feature is only available with top and paid plans. - Send In Blue also offers a free plan where you can send up to 300 mails per day to unlimited contacts. This plan can be a good fit for the small businesses looking to grow their audiences and leads. The intuitive service mainly focuses on lead generation.


If you have a content creating business and would like to garner fans, connect and communicate with them and turn them into high quality leads to support and sustain your business, here are the reasons why you should consider 'Convertkit' as your email marketing service: Benefits and Features of ConvertKit Email Marketing Service - ConvertKit does not offer the swift Drag and Drop feature, unlike other email marketing services. This service focuses on creating textual and simple emails for your marketing campaigns. If you are into minimalism and have the audience who prefer simple and solid newsletters and emails, this service can be the right fit for your business. ConvertKit offers a simple editor, HTML feature and numerous templates to choose from. - ConvertKit does not offer any mobile application, however, the email editor is mobile friendly and lends you the chance to edit on the go. The layout is extremely simple to use. - The service provides modern features such as email automation, segmentation and also lets you personalize the content. You also get to build the sign up forms, landing pages and other lead generating tools through this service. - ConvertKit also offers a free plan along with two paid plans, which can be billed monthly and yearly. The free plan offers basic features up to 1000 subscribers. The free trials are available with the paid plans starting from $29 per month. - You can not only reach out and communicate with your subscribers with the email marketing, you can also sell digital and downloadable content through ConvertKit. It is a highly profitable feature that allows you to sell your creations and gain a wide audience at the same time.


MailerLite is a highly simple and direct email marketing service that aims to get the job done quickly. It is highly focused on creating impactful and simple email campaigns without all the pomp and decorations. Here are the benefits: Benefits and Features of MailerLite Email Marketing Service - MailerLite offers the quick Drag and Drop option for easy and swift drafting of email campaigns and it also offers a mobile application. The editor is compatible with mobile browsers, as well. However, the custom HTML codes and many other tools and features are not available with the free plan. - This email marketing service also provides modern features such as segmentation, email automation and many lead generation tools and devices to grow your business. - 24*7 Customer support and live chat is only available with paid and premium plans. MailerLite also offers a 14 day free trial for all the dynamic premium features. - Like ConvertKit, MailerLite allows and grants the feature of selling digital and downloadable creations and products directly from the landing pages and the emails. This feature can act as a high Call To Action (CTA) button and drive sales for your business. - The prices are calculated and billed on a monthly basis, based on the number of subscribers a business possesses. The prices start from $10.

Get Response

Here are the reasons why you should give Get Response a try, in order to reach out and build connections and relationships with your audience: Benefits and features of Get Response Email marketing Service - Get Response allows you to draft emails with the quick Drag and Drop option. This service also offers a preview of the designs and how they might appear on the devices. It is one of the most eye-catching and helpful features that can save you from numerous trials and errors. - Get Response also allows you to add GIFs with your email, which can surely give your mail a fun and quirky appearance and feel. It can be a highly innovative way to engage the customers and the leads. - Get Response offers many attractive and modern features and also offers a 30 day free trial, you can check and see if it truly fits your business and the value it aims to provide. - Get Response is an all in one lead generation and nurturing service and is filled with innovative features that can bring a refreshing change to your email marketing techniques and transform it altogether. The prices start from $15, billed monthly.


This email marketing service is highly compatible and appropriate for businesses who have just started out and are blooming. If your business has a small contact list and you would like to build a close community, Aweber might be the best option to choose. Here are the benefits and features you can consider: Benefits and features of AWeber Email Marketing Service - Much like other email marketing services, AWeber also grants you the modern email marketing tools such as automation, targeting and segmentation in an attractive package. - The service also offers the quick drag and drop method and gives you detailed reports and insights of the performance of your marketing campaigns. - AWeber provides one paid plan starting from $16 a month, for up to 500 subscribers, which can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually. The free plan offers almost all the basic features, however you can only send 3000 marketing mails a month. The plans are highly appropriate and affordable for the small and local businesses. These are the list of the 7 Best Email Marketing Services that can help you communicate with your leads and audiences and provide them value, in the most meaningful and unique ways possible. These services can surely help you treasure your visitors and transform them into a loyal base of customers for your business.

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