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For the ones who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, you can say SEO is a brief process of enhancing the quality of the content of a particular website or webpage in order to be found easily. And for that you need to find best SEO company.

Let’s guess, you are here because of any of the following reasons :

  • People don’t look up to your website anymore
  • You have lost your website traffic recently and you don’t have a clue why
  • Currently you have been losing the leads
  • You are a newbie and are looking forward to your own startup

If you face any of the above hitches, then stay calm because you have come to the right SEO Company.

Digiedia SEO Company has been serving SEO clients for a long time. We have Optimization solutions to every sort of algorithm Google’s been up to. Stay assured as hundreds of SEO clients have been happy after being served by us.

Increase Visibility with SEO

Building an alluring web platform is not enough to amplify the footfall on your page. It requires increased visibility. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the solution. If practiced effectively, then the higher ranking of your page can boost your business in unprecedented ways.

But it is a continuous process and needs insights from experts who can come up with various methods to promote your brand. We have such influencers in our team with the knowledge of keywords and other aspects. That is why our team is placed among the top SEO service providers. Our methods are scalable and cost-effective to ensure a hike in your profit margin.

Providing SEO Solutions to your problems

We work for you : You are the boss

Our team is young, full of energy and passion. They put the right amount of effort in order to make sure that our clients are happy. We operate and manage websites using the accurate SEO Techniques and implementation.

Is your website visible on the first page of the search engine results for keywords that match your company or brand? If not, your website is lacking rightful conduct. As a matter of fact, search engine algorithms change every now and then. Accordingly, if your website doesn’t have those precise keywords and references, it is more likely to be inaccessible and disappear. Search Engine Optimization isn’t a cup of tea and if not carried out properly, it does affect qualified leads and sales.

So what are you waiting for? Why give others the opportunity of moving past you? It’s your time to rise!

Digiedia has the experts who can solve your problems. We have the SEO solutions and recommendations you’ve been looking for ever since.


We will help you to get discovered

  • Keyword Researching and Strategy build

Our website developers focus on your niche and the keywords your website is currently ranking for. At the same time, we also make an additional keyword research that makes your website more reasonable. This way we can boost your rankings for specific search terms.

  • Link building

Digiedia has an exclusive link building team which has connections with various conforming high quality websites. Backlinks play a massive role in website ranking, if carried through the right way.

  • Technical SEO

We optimize your website’s technical errors like fixing the loading speed, adding self referencing canonical links, more structured data, increasing security and preventing duplicate content. This improves website crawling and indexing, in turn makes your website more accessible.

  • ON Page SEO

On page Optimization ensures that only rich content with relevant titles, high quality images and videos is uploaded to your website. It also involves optimization of HTML source codes which is crucial for your website traffic. Our SEO experts keep in check the structure and balance the quality content of your website.

  • OFF Page SEO

Digiedia takes care of the OFF Page Optimization as well. We strengthen your website by generating backlinks, social media marketing, brand mentions and reviews. This boosts your website’s trustworthiness.

  • E Commerce SEO

We can help you build a website providing splendid shopping experience to your users with targeted marketing campaigns and personalized brand experiences. We make it convenient for your users and also increase your overall client retention rate.

  • Shopify SEO

Increase your market reach by making a website which is organized by differentiated product blogs, reviews and 24/7 customer support. Digiedia implements paid advertising and reviewing customer responses in order to revitalize your online store’s establishment.

  • Content Writing

We have a specialized team who are professionals in creating valuable content for your website. Search engines love those websites which update and post new content on a regular basis. We can create user friendly blogs and posts that can cast a good impression whenever someone visits your website.

  • Amazon SEO

Digiedia also facilitates the optimization of your Amazon product listing by bringing  down those specific keywords and thereby making it easier for the shoppers to find that product. We have the much needed Amazon SEO solutions you’ve been looking for. 

Why Digiedia is the best SEO Company in Kolkata?

We work with Energy and Commitment : We guarantee your Rank

We work with passion

Any Foundation built with immense passion and hard work never goes in vain. We believe in enthusiasm and power. We have and will never fail any of our trusting clients.

We work with transparency

Digiedia’s ideologies are crystal clear and easily understandable. As a client you can visualize our firsthand efforts and conducts. We never provide our clients with false information and promises.

We have a team of dedicated workforce

Our team is full of SEO professionals and specialists who are trained to follow your norms and provide you with the best result they can create. They understand your methodologies and needs.

We are always getting better

SEO has never been stable and so is our knowledge. With each passing day, SEO algorithms are changing its form and similarly we are learning new techniques and being updated. But, stay assured as we have always taken these matters seriously.

You are the Boss

This is the ultimate propaganda which we all follow. You are the pioneer of everything : every move we make, every decision we take, and every step we lead. We are overwhelmed to work with you. Whenever in doubt, we are happy to help you out.

SEO Services you can expect from DIGIEDIA

As a full service SEO Company, you can expect the following services from Digiedia :-

  • We customize our SEO Strategy with respect to your needs and motives. We are flexible and recommend the exact solutions for your problems.
  • Research thoroughly for your websites keyword list and focus on increasing the overall ranking.
  • Analyzation of the current market status and update your website according to that.
  • Making sure that your content is fresh and pure so as to save it from any copyright hazards
  • Careful building of backlinks to prevent errors
  • Campaigns through social media and curated sites

Digiedia’s Rock Solid SEO Strategy

Few steps away from success

Digiedia has that authentic approach which can help you to establish your own luck in digital marketing. As we know, the search landscape is evolving more and more. If you don’t invest in an appropriate SEO Company, you cannot expect good results. Not only is it a company with latest SEO tactics, but Digiedia also relies upon client’s ordeal. Our strategy involves following steps which promotes long term profits


The first and formal step is to find the exact requirements, demands and drawbacks of your business. During this process, we set up a meeting with your officials and get to know about the current stakeholders. At the same time we carry on extensive keyword research and learn about your company’s goals, aspirations and purpose.


In the next step, we conduct an in-depth review of your data and assessments. We have a look at your traffic history, competitors backlink scheme and link building plans. We then utilize the analytics to decide the best approach for your SEO


Right now, we decide a 30 days or 60 days strategy for online marketing. This efficiently includes campaigns, expected results and the estimated completion time. This is all done to prioritize the most critical aspects required for your SEO.


This is the stage where we buckle up and start optimizing your web pages and blog posts with precise keywords for improving your overall page structure. We implement social media campaigns and reach out to various websites for increasing your online reach.


At this ultimate stage, we create a report of your website's performance which includes ranking, traffic and sale. We will create this report every month so as to keep in check with our efforts. Our concentration will always be to make sure that your website ranks high on search results. We expect you to trust us for making necessary adjustments and informing you about every little progress.

Why Search Engine Optimization is great for your business?

When it comes to business, everyone wants the best of the available opportunities to run their luck. SEO is the best available option because it saves a considerable amount of your money, is never on a holiday, clears your queries 24/7 and provides more growth to your business.

And more appropriately said, You are here in this page also because of SEO. You went through the search engine and somehow landed upon this website. Now think of how much worth it will be if it runs your business!

Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing the quality of the content and maximizing the amount of website traffic.  All this is done to make sure that your website preserves or rather creates its own digital  presence. 

SEO makes your website more attractive and approachable for the search engines. As we know, Search engines crawl through numerous websites and SEO makes sure that your website is the most noticeable among the rest of the websites.

Yes, it is possible to optimize your own websites as you can understand the needs and goals better than anyone. However, essentially, you have to know to fix errors and keep in touch with the new algorithms the search engine has been up to. It’s a time consuming process but can be easily done with the help of professionals.

There is no specific cost as it always depends upon your investment and budget. If you expect high end results, then perhaps you have to spend more bucks. For more basic details, you may have to contact an expert.

The most important factors that affects your SEO Rankings are :

  1. Page Load time- If your page is way too slow to load, your visitors might lose patience and decide to visit any other website. It’s been proven fact by google that the page load time is a matter of huge attention.
  2. Content- Audience tend to visit those websites who have interactive contents. They rather stay on your website to learn even more facts. This increases the overall dwelling time which in turn boosts the rankings in the search engines.
  3. Keyword selection- Keywords should be carefully chosen as it’s the only way search engines can recognize your websites and display them to the ideal customers.

SEO is a better option in comparison to paid advertising as it promises far better results in a shorter time span. But truth to be spoken, SEO isn’t cheap; It requires a fair amount of time and resources to make it work. It can also be said that SEO and paid advertisements can work together for optimum results as well.

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