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How to get good engagement on social media platforms | Digiedia best social media agency in Kolkata

Do you want to increase the amount of time you spend on social media? Are you stumped as to how to keep the conversation going with your followers? D you also want to know How to get good engagement on social media? This article will teach you how to persuade your audience to connect with your social media posts, videos, and live videos.

The Three Rules of How to get good engagement on social media?

Before we go into the tips, let’s make sure you have the proper baseline. There are three interaction guidelines to follow on How to get good engagement on social media?. Without this basis, nothing else will work.

  1. Being Consistent

We’re aware… Consistency is key. You’ve probably heard it before. That is because it is correct. You must consistently create high-quality content for people to want to engage with you on social media. Everything boils down to faith. Why should they show up for you if you aren’t showing up for them?

It’s a matter of habit, too. Establishing a habit with your audience is the key to success.

If you make dinner plans “sometime this week,” what are the chances that you and your friends will all show up on the same day and time? Isn’t it a bit of a stretch? We have a certain day, time, and location in mind when we make plans in real life.

The same should be true of your content. You’re putting together a set of blueprints. They’ll put it in their schedule and calendar for Monday at 8 a.m. if (and only if) you consistently show up at that time.

  1. Make certain inquiries

Marketers commonly make the error of thinking they are asking for participation when they are not. If you don’t make it clear that you want people to comment, they’re unlikely to do so.

You could say something like, “Let me know what you think about that,” but it’s unlikely to get you anywhere. You’d rather say, “Do you think I’m right or wrong about this?” Leave a comment right now and let me know what you think—chat let’s about it!”

People are easily distracted and preoccupied. Yes, they’re probably watching or reading your video while multitasking. As a result, be sure to acknowledge their distraction and provide them with clear directions.

  1. Incorporate a Sense of Humor

It’s past time to abandon your professional demeanor. I believe in maintaining a professional appearance (quality matters), but not at the price of maintaining a professional demeanor. Avoid using a stiff, old-school business tone in your speech and actions. That is very 1970s.

Today, it’s all about personality. People will not engage unless they enjoy or feel something about the information, thus a sense of humor and your personality will be more effective than anything else in promoting interaction. Learning is advantageous. It’s even better if you can learn and have fun at the same time!

Tips for How to get good engagement on social media?

Let’s look at some strategies to help you increase your involvement even more now that we’ve built the basis.

  1. Give the impression that you’re in a nightclub.

Isn’t it true that a club’s attraction is enhanced by its exclusivity? Your neighborhood, on the other hand, should have the atmosphere of a nightclub. When people feel special, they are more likely to come up and engage. Make people feel like they’re part of a broader picture.

Giving your audience a name is one way to accomplish this. Another way to create a club-like experience is to repeat themes across your content.

People associate with a theme; thus, you won’t have to say anything because the theme will emerge naturally over time in the remarks. The number of new viewers will be educated as a result of their efforts. They’ll bring up the subject in conversation. See how having access to a private club can assist you in engaging in more natural ways?

  1.  Encourage audience participation by using conversation starters.

To get the kind of interaction that comes effortlessly (in other words, you don’t have to work as hard for it), you want to tap into audience triggers. These audience triggers have nothing to do with pain locations, as you might think. They also have nothing to do with the topic or worth of the article.

Triggers tie into your target audience’s personal preferences. They take information that is both valuable and instructive and turn it into a discussion starter.

  1. Use emotional signals to your advantage.

Human beings are emotion-driven beings. We take action based on our emotions. Consider why storytelling is the oldest method of communication. Consider why charities use heartbreaking images to get you to donate. Participation is all about sentiments at their most fundamental level. Unless you feel emotional, nothing will happen… you will not receive an engagement.

  1. People should be encouraged to share their knowledge.

The ideal scenario for an engaged community is for people to talk to each other, not just to you. Encourage people to engage in conversation with one another… Meet someone from the same city or talk about a common interest.

  1. Don’t put a halt to the discussion.

When it comes to gaining engagement, one of the most typical missteps is canceling a potential conversation before it even begins. When someone compliments your content and says, “Great video!” or “Great piece!” what do you generally say?

“Thank you very much.”

But what if you instead say, “Thank you!” “What did you learn that was the most important?” Instead of stopping the conversation, you’re now encouraging it. You’re talking with people to make them more likely to interact with you in the future because they believe you care about them.

Because you’re now a connector, the more links your dialogues build among your audience, the more engagement, and loyalty you’ll receive!


We all know that social media sites require engagement to gain traction from the algorithm (Facebook has been very loud about this!). If you’re hitting a brick wall with your social media marketing because you’re offering content that people want but aren’t getting any feedback or conversation, try these five advanced methods for increasing engagement.


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