How much time it will take to rank your website through SEO_

How much time it will take to rank your website through SEO?

With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, almost every company has shifted to online work mode. Be it an MNC or a newly incubated Start-up; everyone is trying their best to make space in the “Online World”. Talking in layman’s language, every individual, at some point or the other requires some information from the Internet. It is simply a question of placing the keywords in a web search to get the rundown of sites that contain related data about the coveted topics.

Now, how do you ensure that the Search Engine leads the user to your website for the information he seeks?

That’s where SEO triggers. If the content in your website matches the content written in the Search Box, you get the lead.

On the whole, every Search Engine looks out for the best match for what the user searches for. All we need to do is make sure that the content on our website is just what the user wants.


Overview of SEO

Every businessman no matter small-cap or large-cap wants their business to kick-start in the best possible way. Organic results always take time but, if you know the correct techniques and methods to attract traffic to your website, you can definitely boost up the process of attracting genuine traffic to your website or business.

Talking about the correct methods and techniques to leverage the organic traffic for a website or business, the most popular and efficient is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As the name describes; this method works to optimize a website so that the search engine finds it above every other competitor if any user searches for a related topic. Many individuals restrict SEO to websites, but that is not true. Optimization of search engines to generate traffic also works when it comes to your social media handles.

Let’s come back to SEO. You can categorize SEO into two types:-

On-Page SEO:- It covers all the strategies applied on the website pages which helps in making the website informative, user-friendly, and attractive.

To describe in detail, The on-page SEO is what it sounds like: Things that are actually on the page. It includes title tags, content, site speed, page URLs, image alt tags, internal linking, and more.


Off-page SEO:- It covers all the strategies applied off the website page to get it into the top rankings when a user searches for similar content. Off-Page SEO, meanwhile, is almost entirely based on links to your site from other sites that are also known as “Internal Linking and Backlinks”.


We did talk a lot about SEO will work on search engines but every search engine has its own algorithm for which they require different keywords and SEO strategies to gain organic traffic on websites. Let us now see how do search engines actually work.


How do Search Engines Work?

The search engines do not randomly pick a page out of the sky and show it to you, hoping it would answer the question you asked for. In fact, It uses a very complex algorithm to determine which of the more than 21 million pages it has indexed on the topic you searched for would be most appropriate to present to you in hopes of best answering your question.


It is not only about the SEO, but the optimization level of your website also makes a difference. What if your website is not optimized?

Simple, you are giving up on leads.

Let’s take an example.

Consider a user searching for a particular question. The search engine shows the top results according to its algorithm; the user always tends to click on the top links initially, if they find an answer to their question, they stay on the website; if not, they would not even think twice before going back and looking into some other website! Now you know why optimization is also mandatory when it comes to a Perfect Website.


Search Engine Optimization is an organic method to gain genuine traffic and generate genuine leads for a business or website and organic means takes time. You have heard quite a lot about the term “Organic Traffic”, now what does Organic Traffic mean?

Organic Traffic refers to the genuine leads or customers you generate out of your website towards your business. These are the customers who stay and have the potential to re-visit your business or website in the future.

Organic traffic is a result of unpaid strategies and techniques which help any website to list on the first page of a search engine. Search Engine Optimization would take approximately 6 months of continuous modifications in strategies and continuous hard work to show the best results but it is surely worth the wait and hard work.


Why 6 months to show results?

Search Engine depends from search engines to search engines, it is possible that for a search engine your website starts to attract organic traffic and leads in a time span of around 4 months and it is also a probability that for some search engine it might take more than half a year.

Actually, every search engine has its own algorithm which they follow. A keyword might work very well on a search engine as it might show that keyword in the top lists, but for the other search engine, that keyword might not be that effective because according to its algorithm, the keyword might not be the best result to be shown for what the user has searched for. Many business owners think of SEO as a very old-school method to attract traffic so they have started turning towards paid marketing which helps them to gain temporary traffic and those leads stay only for a single product or pay a single visit which in turn marks the short-time growth for a company.


These were a few initial pieces of information a company should need to know before making the decision of choosing between organic marketing and inorganic or paid marketing. The choice differs from business to business.








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