Features of ios 15

New Features Of iOS 15

The smartphone market and industries were left amazed with a new add on and competition a few weeks ago. Apple, the pioneer of technological brilliance launched the new iPhone 13 that captured the market like a wildfire. The new iPhone 13 is loaded with astonishing features that aim to make the life of the users efficient and faster. With every new update and improvement, Apple continues to manufacture smart, efficient and responsive devices and tools that surely leave an impact on the users, setting them ahead. With the launch of the new smartphone, Apple also introduced the all new and improved iOS 15, which is going to be available for installation and also be equipped in the brand new iPhone 13 smartphone series. Fans and customers worldwide can update their compatible devices with the iOS 15 and give their old smartphones a new life and greater performance. The iOS 15 has received many updates and improvements than the previous versions. The all new features can surely help you navigate through life effortlessly and make daily life significantly easier. The new update focuses on performance and aims to enhance the user experience of millions of customers and fans worldwide. Here are the new features of iOS 15 and why you should consider the update for your old device:

The New Features Of iOS 15

  • The Live Text Feature

In the recent update and the launch of the operating system, Apple is catching up with the competition and has introduced the Live Text feature, which can certainly make communication and readability a lot more efficient and easy. The new feature makes the device capable of recognizing and deciphering text messages and the required information from visuals such as images and illustrations, saved on the devices. This allows the users and customers to copy or paste the texts from the images, according to their convenience and significantly improves their user experience. All you have to do is, tap on the image or illustration or point your phone camera towards the subject and your device will pick up on the texts with ease. With the new iOS 15, Apple has kept its focus on improving and enhancing communication.

  • A New Weather Application

With a new iOS 15, comes a revamped and improved weather app that can make your life and plans easier with clear and accurate insights and information. Apple has added appealing and smooth graphical displays and animated backgrounds that aim to redefine your experience with the application.

  • Better Face Time Features

Face Ti++-me is one of the most popular applications offered by Apple, with the motto to bring and connect people around the world with ease and efficiency. In the recent and all-new version of iOS 15, the video calling application has gone through significant changes and improvements that have dialled the performance of the video calling application up a notch! In recent developments, users who do not use iPhones and are connected through devices with other operating systems can also join a face time link when shared. With the new version of the operating system, people worldwide can have access to FaceTime irrespective of the devices they own. Apple has certainly broadened its horizons with this update and useful feature. Earlier the applications and the features were just limited to iOS/iPhone users only!

The new system allows the users to share media files with recipients in an ongoing FaceTime call. Whether it is a picture or a bunch of audio and video tracks and files, you can easily share them with others during the FaceTime call. The quality of the performance of the video calling application has also improved with useful features. The application is now equipped with spatial audio and voice isolation features.

  • A Brand New Focus Mode

This is one of the main features of the new iPhone 13 series and the iOS 15 that makes the devices and the operating system stand out and differ from the previous and older versions. Just like the DND ( Do Not Disturb) mode, The Focus Mode aims to keep you focused on your device and present you with results that are up to your preferences, at any given time. The Focus Mode aims to increase your efficiency and productivity while using the device. With the help of this feature, you can easily block the noisy notifications, messages and alerts as per your convenience and ease and focus on other applications and tasks on hand.

You can not only control how and when you are notified and receive alerts, Focus Mode allows you to set your devices according to your convenience with modes such as Work and Rest/ Sleep, allowing you to switch as per the occasions and settings! With the new focus mode, you also do not have to keep tabs on your other Apple devices or lose out on alerts and notifications. The design keeps the process flexible and effortlessly applies to your other signed devices whenever you switch on and off the focus mode on your iPhone.

  • Changed Notifications

The new iOS 15 has brought changes to how you received notifications and alerts in the previous versions of the operating system. The newly designed notifications now offer you a notification summary that allows you to go through all your alerts and messages in a respective time set according to your convenience and preferences. With the new iOS, you will no longer receive notifications on a random format or get distracted and miss out on the important alerts and messages. The iOS 15 now allows you to receive notifications and messages accortding to your set priority and scheduled time. With the focus mode in hand, you can truly be more productive and circle out the notifications that matter and are important to you.

These are the 5 new features of iOS 15 and the reason you should consider installing it on your old device. The new iOS 15 can significantly change the way you use your devices and can certainly add to your experience.


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