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SEO VS PPC: Cracking the code of Traffic Generation in 2021

When a business is established and introduced to the digital platforms, the firms brainstorm and figure out the ways they can acquire great traffic and   increase the reach of their brand. High traffic can boost the sales of your business, increase your revenue and build a concrete image and presence of your brand online! In order to drive traffic to your website and landing pages, you would need to get your business noticed by millions of users crawling on the digital space, simultaneously beating the competition. How to acquire more traffic and get your business noticed on the internet? The answer to this question can be derived from two highly popular methods, that can highlight and put your business at the top of the result pages: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click). Let’s Check out SEO vs PPC which method you should choose and apply, to attract more traffic and grow your business on the internet in 2021.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): A Long-term Investment

In order to reach the top and rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP) and get noticed by the flowing traffic of the users, your website needs to be thoroughly optimised. The website should be search engine friendly because search engines are the primary and the strongest source of traffic, through which a business can tremendously benefit from. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential method that solely focuses on improving the quality and pushes the flow of traffic to your website or a certain webpage. This method makes it easier for the engines to locate and provide your website as a search result, when a user surfs on the internet looking out for value.

The traffic directed towards your business and the websites by the application of SEO, are completely organic and do not require you to form a budget and pay a significant amount subtracting from your revenue. This method truly is free of cost. Search engine optimisation increases the traffic and the reach of your website free of cost, making your business rank and visible in the digital sphere. In order to employ this method, here are the factors and elements you need to focus on:

Keywords and On Page SEO

Keywords are a highly important element that needs consideration to employ and practice proper SEO for your website and gain traffic. They are a cluster of important and exact word(s) the users search in the engines to get the needed results. Your business website, content and the landing pages should be adequately filled with the relevant keywords, so that it can rank and show up in the result pages of the users. The keywords highlight and make your website and the content visible and easily comprehensible for the search engines, resulting in an increase in the traffic. The keywords need to be relevant and relative to the content and the website and should be placed meticulously. Relevant keywords in links, heading, titles, meta tags and descriptions make the content search engine friendly, however you need to make sure your content is not crowded and stuffed, otherwise it nullifies the overall purpose!

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC): A Shortcut to Traffic Generation

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are one of the popular and fastest methods of acquiring traffic in the digital platforms. This method is also keyword oriented and targets the exact users and leads your business is looking for. The traffic derived from the Pay Per Click method is not natural and organic unlike the SEO procedure. You, as an advertiser will be required to pay the publisher, a defined fee in order to reach the numbers and every time a visitor clicks your advertisement in the engine. A firm can easily opt for a flat rate or a bid based Pay Per Click model, keeping the terms and needs of their business in mind. In other words, you will buy the traffic instantly for your business instead of gradually procuring it through SEO strategies and practices.

Pay Per Click advertisements lend you a shortcut for a price. Google Ads are one the most appreciated and popular programs that allow you to market and create Pay Per Click ads and push traffic to your website, ultimately generating leads for your business. You can also generate traffic from social media platforms. The social media platforms now offer various tools and features and charge the businesses to create seamless Pay Per Click ads and reach out to thousands of targeted users every day. The Pay Per Click method surely comes with a price and the keywords play an extremely vital role here, as well. The success highly depends on the quality score and an attractive and engaging and copy of the business. A good quality score can save a lot of your money and get you higher results at lower costs!

SEO vs. PPC: Which Method is Better and Can Derive More Traffic?


Both the methods, employing the proper practices and strategies can help generate enormous daily traffic and grow your business online. However, Search Engine Optimisation requires proper knowledge and skills, time, effort and patience because SEO is a slow and gradual process and the websites do not witness traffic and ranking overnight. It indeed, is a long term investment that can slowly build the image, flow of traffic and the credibility of the business online but will also require your patience. The method can be beneficial for a business that is focused on optimal use of monetary resources and is small in scale. Search engines are continuously subjected to changes and their algorithms differ from time to time. It can severely impact the traffic generation of the businesses who are solely relied on SEO to reach out to prospective leads and audiences.

Pay Per Click method on the other hand, demands heavy investments from the advertisers in exchange for immediate traffic. The model is appropriate for large scale businesses. Generally, paid results hold the top spots in the result pages compared to the organic results which are completely dependent on the proper optimisation of the website. However, unlike traffic acquired through SEO, the traffic generated from PPC can decrease once the firm stops creating ads. Pay Per Click model doesn’t guarantee your business the continuous and steady stream of quality traffic but it surely grants you the total control over the traffic, provided you have the budget. The ROI is naturally higher through the Search Engine Optimisation method.

In conclusion, both the methods offer unique beneficial results as well as certain constraints in generating traffic for the websites. A mix and match, combining the two methods can surely help a business grow and multiply the traffic in no time. All a firm just needs to plan, operate, market and budget accordingly, studying and understanding the objectives and the requirements in hand.


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