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The Internet can be compared to a living organism, always evolving. In this ever-changing era of the internet, people live on content presented to them on various digital platforms. Whether it is good or problematic is a different debate, but evidently beneficial for companies and websites. To not avail the option of blogging for websites is not only foolish but can cause set back to your company. In order to market products, one has to be always aware of the changing strategy. The strategy that has been in vogue over several years is the tool of blogging. Brands, today, use blogs to grow their business from scratch. Proper blogging can create an expanding reach, consequently flourishing one’s business. The importance of blogs for website can only be understood once you start and experience the result of it.


Below are a few reasons why blogging is a quintessential tool for the development of your business.




The first, and the most important thing that concerns me when I come across a brand, business, or company, is its credibility. As customers, we are very conscious about the choices we make. The first thing a concerned customer checks is their website on Google. Without the presence of a blog, the company becomes like a ghost – extinct and suspicious. A blog with proper information assures the customers that one’s company is a trusted organization. The information on the blog also helps customers to make an informed decision. In order to build a trusted seller-customer relationship, one has to be extremely careful about the clarity and credibility of the content one shares. Therefore, it is not only essential to write blogs for your website but also to pay attention to the authenticity of your information.


Engagement and Traffic


Needless to say, the primary function of blogging is to increase engagement and attract traffic to the website. With more blogs, the SEO increases, and as a result, the recognizability of the company. The content of the blog, here, is necessary as well for engagement. The better the content, the more engagement with your website. It is advisable to create content that stirs the consciousness of customers. The content should be intriguing enough to be shared with peers. Through shares and reshares, the engagement on the website accelerates.


Audience interaction


Blogging is a great way to start interacting with your audience or customers. The comment section that is given on blogs acts as the medium of communication. The importance of blogs for website lies in this comment section where you reply to your clients, get feedback and implement them for the betterment of your website as well as your company. Your clients might have amazing ideas for your blog, listen to them. Be receptive to constructive criticisms.




Target audience


Blogs help you set a target audience. In marketing, understanding your target audience is an essential exercise. The service you are offering should intrigue the target audience. Blogging helps you analyze this very thing. After setting a particular target audience, a company should put up content on their website that is engaging for them.


Marketing agenda


Be it social media marketing, or email marketing, blogs can help proliferate both. Through social media your blog posts can be promoted towards the previously mentioned target audience, growing one’s brand awareness. Blogging also promotes email marketing. A blog can help a company’s email marketing efforts in two ways. For starters, if one has a company newsletter or sends out email promotions regularly, a blog can serve as a supplement. Second, new readers are encouraged to subscribe to a blog. On blogs, one might frequently come across newsletter sign-up areas for those who are interested in the current topic and want to be notified of similar stuff. As a result, a company’s email list flourishes.


Narrate your story


The previous point on content brings me to another importance of blogging, i.e., a platform to narrate your story. Every startup, company, or organization has its root, story, and purpose. A website provides a platform for the companies to narrate their purpose, root, and journey, and blogging is the tool for doing the same. At this point, one can question – why is it so important for a professional organization to tell its story. It is important for several reasons. Firstly, as customers, we always want to connect to the service we are opting for. Being a feminist, I would buy products from a company that propagates feminism or is an initiative towards equality. Secondly, sharing your story will help you build a customer relationship that transcends the professional sphere. It will help you build an inter-personal relationship, which will further contribute to the engagement and credibility of your business. It also helps to break the virtual wall between seller and client and makes your brand more personified.


Attract through visual aids


A great innovation that has taken the marketing game to a new level and increased the need for blogging is adding visual aids to your website. Blogging is a way to show your creativity. It is a platform to create brand images and videos that attract viewers. It is also great scope to put forth a social message to the community, and together with marketing create social awareness. 


Write for a cause


In the age of internet consciousness, it is important to write for a reason. Blogging for a website allows you to choose your reason and share your opinion about it. Support for a social or environmental cause, like sustainability, and recycling, not only makes your brand stand out but also gives your customer a reason to avail of your services. The importance of blogs for website, therefore, also lies in spreading consciousness among citizens. This creates a bond with customers and a subsequent community.


Customers have been exhausted by the incessant agenda-ridden marketing of companies. To put forth a fresh idea about your company, blogging is necessary. It is important to break free from the age-old commercial approach of advertising and adopt a new way to intrigue people. And simply because of that the importance of blogging for a website should be taken with utmost seriousness. Blogs are a method of consistently keeping your audience engaged. Blogging also has long-term effects on a company. It helps to create professional links. The good news above all these benefits is that it is the easiest and cheapest way to people’s hearts.


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