Best ways to promote feature films digitally

Best ways to promote feature films digitally | Digital Marketing for Films | Digiedia : Best film promotion agency in Kolkata

If you want people to watch your movie, you must promote it. After all the effort it took to complete the movie, thinking about promotion is the last thing you should do. We understood it. But if you want your movie to be a hit, you must push over your fatigue and devise some novel ways to attract viewers. Before we talk about practical promotion tactics, you need to learn the Best ways to promote feature films digitally. Will you choose to make your initial window of distribution through a well-known retailer, such as iTunes, Amazon, VuDu, or Google Play? Or do you intend to sell your film on your website?

Five best ways to promote feature films digitally

Popular platforms are used by millions of individuals. Therefore, if you can immediately create a few hundred sales, you increase the possibility that your movie will rise in the rankings. As a result, more people become aware of your movie. And this could increase sales.

Here are five fast ways to best ways to promote feature films digitally:

1.Call your loved ones

I know you should. You find it odd that people would call to promote your movie. However, as was already mentioned, the goal is to fast build a substantial volume of sales to advance. It would be wiser to buy for your loved ones.

  1. Get on the local news: You will have an advantage over Hollywood’s oversupply of independent filmmakers if you don’t reside in a large metropolis. Call the news station in your neighborhood on the phone. Tell them that you want to share your expertise with their audience because your movie has recently gone online on a reputable website. Your work will be more successful if you can relate the subject of your movie to a contemporary problem.
  2. Make contact with decision-makers, okay? You decide against including an established celebrity (or a social media sensation) in your film. That doesn’t stop you from getting in touch with an influencer and seeking to get them to participate in the promotion. Services like Speaker simplify this process.
  3. Send out a solo ad: A solo ad is sometimes referred to as an email blast. If you can locate multiple online periodicals with substantial email addresses, you can even pay them for reach. Don’t forget to investigate the typical open and click-through rates.

Join PodCasts: You’re in luck if your movie has a target audience that is easy to pinpoint, like “mother bloggers” or “mixed martial artists.” You can find thousands of podcasters eager to schedule interviews with you and target your audience by searching online.

If you use some of these methods and get no feedback, your branding is undoubtedly bad. When it comes to the truth about your movie, perception is reality. You must therefore ensure that your logo, website, and overall messaging are accurate representations of a real movie.

5 Instagram Film Promotion Ideas for 2020: Best ways to promote feature films digitally

Experimentation is key

Instagram may be dominated by businesses, but you can still use it to show off your originality and creativity. By standing out from the crowd, you may be distinctive and caring. Both creativity and organization are crucial for the production of films and their marketing. Make a strategy before promoting your movie on Instagram.

Create Connections and Relationships

Making relationships and forging partnerships is one of the finest ways to improve your film’s Instagram brand. These relationships are essential in terms of quality, quantity, creating experiences, and utilizing these to your advantage.

Simply told, Instagram and social media are extensions of your life, so you should take advantage of the most promising opportunities it offers. Fortunately, you may establish real, lasting connections with the use of successful Instagram marketing techniques to engage more followers.

Get Inspired and Pick the Brains of Sector Leaders

The inspiration offered by the best movie directors is incomparable. Before creating your content, examine their original ideas and Instagram posts to avoid imitating them. Find inspiration and hone your style to stand out from the crowd and capture their attention.

Take Advantage of Your Tools and Creativity

You might be wondering how you might create creatively if you have all the tools. Even without a team to take images or videos, you may still use tools like Photoshop. The greatest strategy is to creatively use the tools you have available.

You may start by creating a few fake shootings because you will need a lot of photographs to keep marketing your movie on Instagram. Analyze what you can achieve with the tools you have at hand. You can even rent a few things for your job.

Employ Strong Calls to Action

Make smart use of call-to-actions (CTAs) to maximize the Instagram bio area. Encouraging your audience to visit the brand page for your movie on the photo-sharing website is your goal. Create a succinct call to action (CTA) within 150 characters that best reflects your branding.


Now that you are aware of how to best ways to promote feature films digitally and your upcoming films on Instagram, you can use suitable tactics to enhance your branding. If you promote movies, your company will grow and more people will like your page.


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