Why google Says your Backlinks strategy should be Quality/Quantity ? Importance of QUALITY OR QUANTITY BACKLINKS

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are a type of inbound link (hyperlink)which typically helps to increase traffic to your website. Google and other search engine websites like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox consider backlinks to vote for a specific page. the pages which have a higher number of backlinks tend to have higher organic search engine ranking.

Backlinks vote from other websites. each of these votes tells the search engines that this context is genuine, useful, and credible.

Google has made different changes to its algorithm, and backlinks remain a major ranking system. so that’s why your backlinks should be QUALITY OR QUANTITY BACKLINKS.

A backlink contains the URL that links to your webpage and the anchor text which means the text you click on. for instance, if the link is created on your image, then the alternative text of the image is used as the anchor text. So that’s why your backlinks should be QUALITY OR QUANTITY BACKLINKS.

The backlinks should be part of your SEO strategy. John Mueller recently said that-

“I don’t think we differentiate that in our systems,” Mueller said. “We try to understand what is relevant for a website, how much we weigh these individual links, and the total number of links doesn’t matter at all.”

How important is link building for SEO? 

Since we know what the backlinks are, we should know the significance of backlinks, like-

Natural link building– the main function of this link is the publication securing of backlinks when others find your substance and connection to it naturally.

Non-Natural Link Building – this is another term for interface securing that covers external link establishment by the publication outreach, visitor posting, or a third party referencing administrations to others.

Link building quality vs. quantity-

People didn’t have a clear idea about link building before 1998. after that year, google started the backlink system to introduce page rank to estimate the quality of the webpage through the number of links. apart from that, backlinks couldn’t detect the difference between low- and high-quality sources. meanwhile, some exploiters saw an opportunity to trick the system by giving rise to black-hat link-building strategies, such as spam comments, private blog networks, and link farms, among many others.

To restrict this situation, Google introduced a series of updates to prevent and penalize those websites that did not follow the guidelines.

Before the update, link-building services could simply ask how many backlinks per month you wanted and delivered. it did not matter if you knew how to get backlinks from quality sources. in recent days, the link source’s DA and trustworthiness matter way more than the number of links. you should follow the quality link building.

The benefits of a link-building strategy focused on high-quality link-building-

  • Creating a high-quality link should be your priority In your SEO strategy, because-
  • It helps boost website traffic.
  • It improves the domain authority.
  • It expands the opportunity to build a relationship with other business collaborators and subject matter experts.

It is one of the most important subjects ever to build quality links through your backlink-building strategy. One link from a highly popular source such as a popular famous blog or a credible news website has more link ingredients than other million links from unknown sources that Google can easily neglect. For that reason, Google says your Backlinks strategy should be Quality/Quantity.

Why does google say your Backlinks strategy should be Quality/Quantity? –

In the era of search engine optimization, one of the most important tools for a successful business is to improve the website’s search rankings via link-building. Google suggests that the backlink should be quality or quantity because Link-building is the way by that you can get other websites to create the links that point back to your website.

There are many other places on the internet where your business has been mentioned but there is no link to your website. for that case, you can reach out and request that your business name or whatever was mentioned concerning your business can be turned into a clickable link. That’s why your Backlinks strategy should be Quality/Quantity.

Another point is that there are other places on the internet where your business has been mentioned by someone but they do not have any link to your website. For that case, you can reach out to the site owner and offer your website’s link and request them to turn this into a hyperlink. In this case, the backlink strategy should be QUALITY OR QUANTITY BACKLINKS.

Why backlinks are important?

Backlink of the websites gives the information to search engines that other external websites are upholding your content. it helps the search engines to determine how relevant your site is on the keyword or the particular topic on which you will rank. If many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines can interpret that the content is worth linking to.

They improve the reputation of your website. suppose, you’ve created a blog or created a website for your start-up, attempting to boost your position in the market can be difficult at first. This is why building a backlink strategy is highly important to improve the reputation of your business. as it can assist you in building your reputation in the online space of your industry.

They typically drive more authentic leads and sales to your online business. For example, When your guest post features on a high authority website with a link to your website, it helps build trust with a new audience on that site. audience who regularly reads content from that high domain site you’ve received a backlink from, they will trust your content and website since it was published on a site they’ll likely already trust.

Backlinks should be QUALITY OR QUANTITY BACKLINKS. They increase the traffic to your website. choosing backlinks from a high-quality website is often done by reaching out with a guest post for them to utilize. An advantage of having your content published on a good quality website is that it exposes your business to a new audience base.


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