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Digiedia is the brainchild of two friends – Prabhat and Harsh. Every company has an origin story, Digiedia’s starts from two friends’ brainstorming session. Together they built a company that is one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata. Both of them come from a digital marketing background, and during their experience in digital marketing, they have attentively studied the entire process, from platform creation to market outreach. They had an epiphany that customers can at the same time save more money as well as digitalize their ideas. They realized how they could achieve it and decided to develop a low-cost digital marketing business to help their clients enhance their profit margins. They proceeded with their idea and founded the firm. Their main aim was to collaborate with others who shared their beliefs. As a result of their hard work, they have received several honors and accolades and are swiftly emerging as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. Digiedia’s goal is to steer your brand’s path while keeping your aspirations, visions, and philosophy in mind. DIGIEDIA’s goal is to steer your brand’s path while keeping your aspirations, visions, and philosophy in mind. Digiedia as your Digital Marketing Vendor will help you interact with your audiences and appropriately engage with them, so that your company may build warm, meaningful, and beneficial connections. They will focus on building a community around your ideas and services. Digiedia’s professional team will assist you in effectively promoting and marketing your brand. The organization ensures that your company is heard, seen, and remembered by your target consumers in the long run. We can assist you with creating the identity and face of your company, ensuring that it expresses and reflects the goals and aspirations you have in mind.

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should hire Digiedia as your Digital Marketing Vendor.

  1. Range of services

Digiedia as your digital marketing vendor will spoil you with their varied range of services to choose from.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Web Design and Development
  3. App Development
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Lead generating services
  6. Email marketing service
  7. Graphic designing services
  8. SMS marketing services
  9. Content writing services
  10. Whatsapp marketing services
  11. Photography and videography services


  1. Credibility

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you look for a reliable team who would give you a worth-your-money service. Digiedia as your digital marketing vendor will concentrate on altering your brand’s identity. they are very result-oriented, and strictly supply the best techniques and tactics in the business for your brand. their services can undoubtedly attest to their credibility. Digiedia can undoubtedly jumpstart your brand and help you stand out in this competitive industry.

  1. Customized solutions

There should be different strategies undertaken for other genres of brands. A real estate company will require a different marketing approach than a beauty brand. Moreover, every business organization is founded on a unique set of values and visions. Every brand has its own identity and functions in an equally different manner. Keeping that in mind, Digiedia strives to provide your company with ideas and solutions that are as unique as your brand and are tailored to your specific needs. They will recognize the uniqueness of your company and operate in a way that represents the true essence of your business. Digiedia’s digital marketing professionals are committed to helping your company develop.

  1. Budget-friendly

The best part about hiring Digiedia as your digital marketing vendor is its budget-friendly approach. They will undertake proper research about your company to understand your demands and budget. They provide solutions that are both suited for your organization and also suit your budget. The company’s service charges are flexible and designed with your comfort and needs in mind.

  1. Professional guidance

This digital marketing vendor provides you with solutions that have been well researched and evaluated. The group of specialists will thoroughly examine your company, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with tailor-made ideas. The staff consists of specialists and professionals that are eager to serve you. Every choice and move you take for your business will be guided and directed by professional expertise.

  1. Discipline and punctuality

Not only does Digiedia as your company’s digital marketing vendor guide you with expertise and professionalism, but also takes into consideration the time barrier you might have. The Digiedia workforce is well-organized and aims to meet your deadlines. They keep their promises and meet deadlines, ensuring that your company may benefit from the services they seek to impart. they are committed to the expansion and development of your brand. Digiedia as a digital marketing agency aims to provide you with timely ideas and solutions that will increase your company’s sales and revenue. They are punctual without hampering the quality of their services.

  1. 24*7 customer service

Another essential factor to keep in mind while hiring your digital marketing agency is whether they have responsive customer service. a lot of times, companies do provide a one-time good service and become unavailable during your time of need. But with Digiedia you need not have to worry. Digiedia as your digital marketing vendor will be available 24*7. They have excellent customer service always ready to cater to your needs.

  1. Free trials

Digiedia has the option of free trials. You can avail of the free trial that they provide for a limited period and then proceed with the paid service. this is a fantastic option because you can try out a service before actually committing to it. 

  1. A strong clientele

Because of their excellent digital marketing service, Digiedia has successfully managed to build a very strong clientele in just two years. They work with famous agencies like – Thomas cook, Hyundai, Tata, Aptech, international brands like Mumuso, and many other well-known companies. Working with the big companies gives Digiedia a seal of guarantee and credibility.

  1. Effective Pay Per Click Service (PPC)

If you are new to the pay-per-click channel and don’t know where to begin but want to see rapid results, DIGIEDIA as your digital marketing vendor can assist you to manage your pay-per-click service and make it into a seamless and hassle-free procedure. they will help you boost your business with anything from keyword research and analysis to enhancing your quality scores for a higher ranking on search engine result pages. their team will monitor your outcomes and concentrate on your performance, propelling your company to a better place.

  1. SEO-friendly strategy

To generate high-quality leads and visitors, SEO techniques such as backlink creation, content enhancement, and on-page, and off-page optimization are utilitarian and effective, especially in the case of brand awareness. Digiedia does the work for you. Their team of experts performs comprehensive keyword research to attain improved ranks and visibility. In addition, they format your website data and optimize its HTML codes so that search engines can better interpret your material. The team of Digiedia consists of staff who are SEO experts and specialists and can recommend better solutions in certain sectors and regions.

  1. Popular Social Media Marketing service

One of the key methods of digital marketing is Social Media Marketing. Digiedia has a Social Media Marketing Service that excels. Social media marketing campaigns increase consumer involvement and profits. Social media is critical for corporate recognition. Digiedia’s digital marketing agency can help you determine your goals, undertake competitive benchmarking, and assess your consumers’ online behavior. they can learn everything about your ideal audience and raise brand recognition, which will enhance total website traffic. Consequently, it will create more leads and increase income by boosting signups or sales.

  1. Excellent Video Marketing

When done correctly, video marketing can be quite powerful. Any business or brand may benefit from using video to show its products or services to the audience. With SEO-optimised video content, you can capture the attention of clients and generate a stir in the online community. Illustrative films enhance the storytelling process, attract everyone’s attention, and propel your brand to new heights. Leave it in the hands of your digital marketing vendor – Digiedia. In addition, they also provide script authoring, motion graphics production, and video editing.

  1. Online Reputation Management

Reviews and replies are critical in either starting or growing a business. Your company’s internet reputation may yield benefits and pave the route to success. Digiedia will assist you in enhancing your company’s reputation. To do reputation scrutiny they employ reputation management software to streamline your ORM operations and increase favorable comments. They also put up online monitors to manage bad reviews while encouraging satisfied customers to leave good comments.

  1. Digital Business Card option

Digiedia as your digital marketing vendor will also allow you to create digital business cards for your brand or company. Digital business cards are simple to distribute, modify, and update. It is simple to use and quick. You may also include relevant photographs, videos, links, and other information about your company. People may acquire your official company profile, phone number, and email address, and even connect on WhatsApp with a single tap. It is paperless and hence environmentally friendly. With this cutting-edge technology, you can effortlessly impress your clients.


If you employ Digiedia as your digital marketing vendor, their experts will advise you through every step your business takes, from reaching out to your consumers to implementing the finest methods for your brand to thrive online. Their primary motive is to make it certain that your company is portrayed and introduced in the best possible light on digital platforms. Digiedia endeavors to increase your profitability and revenues. the specialists provide your company with the best tools and techniques to keep your company ahead of the competition. Digiedia strives to do what is best for your company.


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