Social media tips to get more engagement

5 Social media tips to get more engagement | Digiedia best Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata

Ever wondered why you post seemingly good content on social media but get little engagement: But you’re not by yourself. Many brands struggle to increase social media post engagement despite their best efforts, and they are unaware of the cause. However, your social media interaction marketing strategy may always be enhanced. The following five Social media tips to get more engagement are what you may use as your next step to increase interaction on all social media sites.

Social media tips to get more engagement

Employ humor

People use social media to be entertained, not to be sold to. If all of your social media posts are heavily promotional and nudge readers to buy your products, you run the danger of losing their interest. Instead, continually include humor in your social media posts to make your followers smile and increase engagement.


Make witty puns that are pertinent to your field. Photographs can also include relatable, honest captions. Chipotle is brilliant at injecting humor into its tweets. In their tweets, they don’t openly advertise their goods. Instead, they make use of amusing relatable humor, which occasionally contains irony. Their laid-back tone is suitable for the teen and young adult market. Additionally, many users engage with their tweets on social media.

Make special and interesting images

According to Wishpond, the average Facebook post generates 120 percent less engagement than ones containing images. So, if you want to boost social media engagement, you must share more images. It could be pictures, jokes, GIFs, or even original art. Using tools like PixTeller, Piktochart, and Canva, you can create unique images that will appeal to your social media audience.

Instead, make use of Crello, which provides a large number of templates and unique designs. While creating your photographs, you could want to start over. By including shapes, images, text, and other elements in their design editor, you may further customize your pictures.

How can you increase engagement on this platform as a result?

You must create and/or publish more videos, especially for Instagram Stories, if you want to succeed. Movies provide a refreshing change of pace from the images you regularly share. Instagram is frequently updated by GoPro with images captured using their cameras. They occasionally publish movies in addition to normal photos. These videos are more popular than photographs often are. The number of photo posts they make receives, on average, between 100,000 and 300,000 likes, as can be seen by browsing through their profile.

Plan your postings for the correct time

Social media users are not constantly online. If you post anything when the bulk of your followers are not online, you risk missing out on opportunities for social media engagement.

So what are the Social media tips to get more engagement?

By conducting some research, you can plan your posts to go live during the times when your social media followers are most likely to be online. Getting people to view your work and possibly enjoy, remark on, and/or share it is the goal. Various factors, such as time zone and target audience, can affect the best times to post. Nevertheless, it might change depending on the social media sites you utilize. The best time to post on various social media may require you to conduct a few tests, on social media platforms.

Draw up the contents of your video

A wonderful way to improve social media connections on Facebook and Twitter is by using original images and photos. If you communicate with your followers on a visual social networking site like Instagram, you may already have submitted eye-catching pictures.

The HubSpot social media tool helps in obtaining data on the hours of the day that generate the highest engagement. When you look back at published pieces that have gotten the most clicks and interaction, the time and date that you uploaded are then discernible.

Use current hashtags to start

Depending on how you use hashtags, social media engagement can be dramatically increased. While your followers may already be aware of your posts, hashtags allow you to engage with others who aren’t already fans. To improve the chances that people will find your content on Instagram and Twitter, use relevant and well-liked hashtags in your postings.

Utilize tools like HashtagsforLikes to find trending hashtags in the target demographic. Their program, which uncovers relevant and top-notch hashtags, will help you enhance your social media exposure, reach, and engagement. HashtagsforLikes also offers stats and insights to help you swiftly come up with clever hashtags. Use Hashtagify. me to stay up to date on the newest hashtag trends.

Our research can be used to join popular social media discussions. Furthermore, it makes it simpler for people who might be interested in your content to find it, which could increase social media engagement. For instance, some seasons may see a spike in usage of hashtags like #halloween, #spring, #christmas, #thanksgiving, etc. By creating content that is appropriate for the moment, you may use these hashtags to engage users.

Ready to lose control over social media?

The top 5 digital marketing Social media tips to get more engagement are mentioned above. If you haven’t already, start including these tactics in your marketing strategy to increase social media engagement. If you’re already getting some engagement with a few of these ideas, use the additional digital marketing techniques outlined in this article. Do you have any reservations about implementing any of these tactics? Please do so in the section below for comments. Keep in mind that you can always contact me if you want more specific advice on how to improve your social media approach.


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