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Marketing and branding are tools without which no business can thrive. Though there are various techniques of marketing and branding, brand building is one of them and is very important for growing your business. There are various features and way of brand building itself to be taken care of such as STP, brand value, brand positioning, brand story, brand personality, brand name, brand associations, etc. But all these start with one thing that is a brand building and there are five basic ways to do that. They are as follows: –

Know the nitty-gritty of the market and do detailed research of the market

This step is the root and foundation of brand building. It helps to know the market, its needs and wants, and also where the gap pertains so that brand can tap in to fill that. This helps in efficient decision-making while building the brand. Conducting market research can lead to improvement in the quality of the product or service of the brand. Through this, it can be known the perception of the brand in the minds of consumers. Additionally, market research is also the basic key to understanding the positioning of the brand and its value. The hustle done by the brand from scratch in market research will help it in the long run to build the brand. The real value of the brand and how consumers connect to it can only be known via ground reality through research. Hence, market research becomes the primary way of brand building process.

Concentrate on creating USP (unique selling proposition) of your brand

What makes your brand unique or what your brand has that makes it stand out from the rest? That is what you call a unique selling proposition or unique value proposition. In simpler terms, it is the perceived benefit or value that is related to your brand that consumer has while buying your product or service. Anything can be a perceived benefit that is it can be tangible like memberships, discounts, coupons, etc. Similarly, it can be intangible like quality, sense of status, hygiene, personal touch, etc. The perceived value that adds to the goodwill of the brand and to capitalize on that is smart way of brand building. This is the next step after market research as you know what the market expects from your brand so you can add that differentiated element to your product or service and add value to your brand. For this, you need to be constantly in touch with changing times, be innovative and focus on competently delivering your product/service in an improved manner. This helps in striving for excellence and ultimately it enhances the brand. 

Choose a logo and a brand name that clearly indicates what you do and your brand’s message.

To design a logo and think of a good name is one thing and to do it concisely and smartly is another. This is another key way of brand building. The logo and name you choose for your brand speak first about you and your company. It should be clear, crisp, should be understandable, should deliver your message clearly, should indicate your product/service and it should be attractive. Creativity and clear communication should go hand in hand while designing a logo and choosing a brand name. It should not be too hard to speak or remember. Also, it is how your brand will get recognized and simultaneously your product/service will also start getting recognized by it. It will not be just a name after your brand will reach a significant position in the market it will be an emotion or quality or goodwill or trust or a specific notion for the consumers. The inception of the perception of your brand will start through a logo and brand name. Thus, it is very important to choose them wisely for good brand building.

Establish an emotional connection with people.

Nowadays, EQ is more important or we can say as important as IQ. Brands that want to be relevant and connected build their presence by abiding with it. Merely, a product or service just doesn’t help to increase sales and profits but value and emotional connection play an important part as well. Companies cannot afford to neglect this while building their brand. By building an emotional connection and making them feel valued, consumers will feel that brands care for them and they feel connected to it. It helps in increasing loyalty and trust among the consumers towards the brands. Also, communication plays a key role. How brands communicate matters via any medium. It should be concrete, should trigger emotions, should make consumers feel connected, and gain their attention. Connection is today’s way of brand building. It also helps brands otherwise by keeping them rooted, understanding how consumers feel about their products or services, and establishing open communication. This improvises the value and positioning of the brand in the market. Inclusivity and building good rapport will also help establish emotional connections. This is the only way by which consumers will feel connected to the journey of the brand.

Be consistent in communication and execution.

Brand-building needs trust and trust is developed by consistency. Consistency in delivering your message builds and establishes a specific image of your brand. Consumers will count on the messages that your brand will communicate and gauge and make their view on the basis of that. Make sure that messages are consistent and it does not incite double standards. Also, accuracy and standing by what you have delivered are important. It sets benchmarks and standards for your brand. Trust will be gained by this and goodwill be formed which takes time to build your brand. Consistency is like a pillar for brand building. Similarly, consistency in execution is also very important. Delivering that and continuously improving your product or service will lead to its increased usage by the consumers. Consistent and continuous communication will build a bridge between the brand and the end-user. Consistency is a must and proven way to be used in brand building.


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