What is No-Click Searches?

No-click searches are described as those in which the user is pleased with the query’s result without needing to click a link.

In most circumstances, the request is fulfilled by the search engine itself. And Google is unquestionably the leader in this contest. Only one featured snippet displays at the top of search results most of the time. How do you get your firm to feature in the featured section as a business owner?

“Featured snippets originate from internet search listings,” Google claims. Google’s automatic systems decide whether a page is suitable for highlighting as a featured snippet for a certain search query.”

This means that the website should provide material that responds to frequent search queries.

What is the difference between search volume, search visits, & zero-click searches?

The amount of times a certain term is used in a query is referred to as search volume. Similarweb calculates Search Volume as a current average of searches for that term in Google for the given territory over the previous 12 months.

Similarweb has introduced a new measure called Search Visits, which relates to the average monthly number of performance search visits in which a user has clicked on a results page to go to a quasi-engine page.

No-Click Searches are search engine results pages (SERPs) that answer the query right at the top, requiring no more clicks from the user to complete the search.

How Can No-Click Searches Benefit My Company?

Working to have your content appear in the no-click social post has one key benefit for your company.

Your brand will become even more recognized and trusted if you constantly deliver the answers that customers are looking for. Having your company included in a featured snippet helps with the knowledge and consideration stages of the sales funnel.

Why do people conduct searches but then ignore the results?

There are a growing amount of terms, which means fewer and fewer finished searches. The reason for this is that zero-click searches are becoming more common as Google keeps improving and owning the user experience. With a rising difference in the number of searches completed (throughput) and the number of clicks on search results, assessing SEO efforts has become more difficult.

Google is working very hard to provide the finest plausible solution to a search without requiring the user to navigate through to another website.

How can I benefit from search visits?

Knowing whether keywords are more or less likely to produce clicks through to your site is critical for optimizing your keyword strategy, as formerly valued phrases may become less successful as search engine queries grow more common. Whole avenues of the material may prove significantly less successful in generating search traffic for publishers reliant on volumes of traffic to earn ad revenue, even if the number of queries for a specific subject stays the same or grows. To optimize your content and drive traffic, it’s vital to keep on top of the keywords you’re utilizing.

How to Make Knowledge Panels Work for You in Zero-Click Searches

To begin, you’ll need to create a Google My Business listing, which is a free tool that boosts business visibility. Whenever anyone searches for your business, this appears in the right-hand knowledge panel and includes the following information:


Description of the company Phone number Location on a map Address

Reviews on Google

Needless to say, obtaining prospects from such a GMB listing is far easier than obtaining leads from a website listing in the SERPs, simply because there is more helpful info directly in front of the user’s eyes.

Your local listing will also benefit from enhancing your Google Business listing.

Rank in the featured snippet

The featured snippet, or Position #0, may not appear to be helpful, yet it will accomplish two crucial goals:

Put your company in front of those who could benefit from your expertise, service, or product;

Demonstrate that you’re an expert on a subject – If Google chooses your blog or service page to respond to a query, it signifies you’ve been well vetted, and users are more inclined to trust you than a competitor.

Having the highlighted snippet will help you build visibility and awareness for your brand, as well as improve credibility and drive visitors. You can divert consumers’ attention away from the quick response by using smart content and page headers that pique their interest.

Snippet-Optimize Your Content

You’re more likely to get chosen if you can make it easy for Google engines to notice that you’re clearly answering a specific question. You should follow these rules to attain the #0 position, just as you would when writing to rank in SERPs:

On your website, use high-quality, relevant information;

Use your keywords to target question-type queries in your material (and then answer those questions);

Ensure that each page contains an optimized image that will appear in a snippet.

Consider including a FAQs page on your website, which can serve as a single source for multiple snippets.

Why SEO and SERP Positioning Are Still Important

Do you need to be concerned about SEO and your search tool ranking if 50% of searches are no-click searches?

Absolutely! SEO is an important component of your digital advertising approach that isn’t going away anytime soon.

First, approximately 90% of snippet and slot #0 results are collected from site one of SERPS, according to AHREFs. After all, Google considers such material to be the most useful and high-quality for the query. If you want to appear in a snippet, you must appear on page 1, which necessitates a solid SEO approach.

Following that, no-click searches are used to find quick answers and information. These small blocks at the top of the page can answer questions like “How old is the President?” or “How to boil an egg,” and satisfy a user’s query. If they require a service or need to troubleshoot something in their home, however, a snippet won’t be enough, and they’ll need to go to a website for the most up-to-date information and maybe contact an expert. You want them to come across your website first.


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