How to create high-performing social media ads for lead conversion in 2022

User engagement and brand recognition are critical objectives to pursue. However, they are only objectives. Finally, you want to maximize your return on investment by using social media marketing to produce and convert leads (ROI). High-Performing Social Media Ads must be able to be linked to a website conversion goal, such as increased visitors or purchases. In other words, you can enhance your social media conversion rate by converting leads into paying clients.

What’s the most effective way to increase your social media conversion rate? You may know that conversion is the action made by your prospects after receiving a specific message from your brand or company. The social media conversion rate is the percentage of conversions that result from a social media post or ad. Paid social advertising, according to Alyssa Tear, Thrive’s senior manager for organic social media, is the best way to improve it. Organic content, on the other hand, “could interest a user while in the research phase of their buying cycle,” according to her.

In this blog, we’ll look at the role of social media ads in lead conversion. We’ll also go over optimization approaches that can help you generate high-performing advertising on the most profitable platforms available today.

  • How to encourage your target audience to engage with your social media advertisements
  • How do you use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to advertise your business?

Leads, Anyone?

When it comes to social marketing, you’ll almost certainly be dealing with a variety of various types of leads at the same time. These prospects must go through a sequence of processes before becoming paying customers:

  • Lead generation is the process of discovering new potential clients.
  • Lead nurturing is the process of establishing a relationship with potential consumers, while lead conversion is the process of converting leads into paying customers.

Now that we’ve established that distinction, let’s look at how you may use social media advertising to convert leads.


Advertisements on Facebook and Twitter aren’t always profitable. You still need to make sure you’re utilizing the appropriate tactics to obtain the best results, no matter how much of your social marketing and promotion are automated. Consider the following conversion rate optimization (CRO) factors if you’re utilizing High-Performing Social Media Ads to convert leads:

The ad messages should reflect the buyer’s journey

When it comes to converting prospects into paying customers, you’re at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU). This indicates that you’re targeting people who are about to buy something. As a result, creating sales-oriented material and possibly including some attractive offers is crucial. You should also be brand-specific at this point.

Don’t be afraid to share:

  • Social proof: Include testimonials from prior customers or clients to boost your reputation.
  • Product or service comparisons: Show why they should pick you over your competitors.
  • Useful case studies include: Demonstrate how you have helped customers or clients achieve their goals using real-world examples to encourage people to buy from you or collaborate with you.
  • Remember to utilize the same strategy throughout your sales funnel and at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Make it difficult to refuse your incentives

You already know that in the world of social media and advertising, nothing is free. You won’t gain your target audience’s email address or phone number until you give them anything in return. Those that are interested in learning more about your company, product, or service can do so in exchange for:

  • Exclusive content, including webinars, white papers, and comprehensive guides • Free product or service samples • Contest prizes • Promotions and discounts (also applies to lead nurturing)

A word of warning, though: Conversion is a feasible end goal for obtaining user information in social media marketing. As a result, be sure you’re not abusing this method by not disclosing why you’re gathering data.

Use High-Performing Social Media Ads to your advantage

You should generate lead ads, according to a recognized social media service. These are ads that have pre-filled forms that make it easy for users to fill up their information while also allowing you to capture leads. On Facebook alone, lead advertising has a click-through rate (CTR) of 12.5%. They don’t get much attention, but we’ll go through them and their impact on conversion in social media marketing in the next section.

Ads should be created with a specific target audience in mind

What is social media conversion optimization without the targeting features of social platforms, particularly major players like Facebook and Twitter? “Targeted advertising” and “social media advertising” are nearly synonymous phrases. That’s because it’s one of the first things you’ll learn about social media marketing when you do your study.

Targeting is the ability to place your advertisements in front of a certain audience group. This feature, when enabled, combines user profiles based on traits, habits, and other parameters you choose throughout the ad creation process.

Retargeting Ads should be used

This is your second chance to boost your conversion rate on social media. In this situation, the retargeting ad is only shown to previous website visitors or database contacts. Consider e-commerce shoppers who abandon their shopping carts or leads who download a white paper but do nothing with it.

In social media marketing, retargeting advertising is more likely to increase the rate of conversion by 70%. Despite its bad reputation, this type of advertisement may tell us something about human nature and how to promote it on social media without causing undue stress to the viewer.


We’ve just covered a few methods for bettering and optimizing your High-Performing Social Media Ads. However, a lack of capacity to support these tasks is still a reality in many businesses today. In this case, investing in a results-oriented approach, such as outsourcing all aspects of your advertising campaigns to a seasoned social media marketing business, is a superior option.


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