How to get verified on Facebook & Instagram with a blue tick

How to get verified on Facebook & Instagram with a blue tick? | Digiedia Best Social Media Agency In Kolkata

We have improved the verification application process on Facebook and Instagram over the past several months with a few changes. The changes that have been made, considerations you should make when requesting verification, and other commonly asked issues are covered in more detail here.

How does verification work?

Verification is essentially a technique for users to confirm that the well-known accounts they are following or looking for are indeed whom they claim to be. It allows users to identify famous and authentic accounts. We do not encourage verification badges, and we do not view them as a sign of significance.

Through an update to the form that appears in the app, we’ve made it a little simpler for users to ask to get verified on Facebook & Instagram with a blue tick.  We updated our requirements to provide greater clarity and help you understand what has to be submitted for verification. On both Facebook and Instagram, these prerequisites are the same.


How do I become validated?

Your compliance with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines is required to be validated. We need the following items for the application process, which are available directly in the app:

Your account must stand in for a real person, legally recognized company, or other legal entity.

The account you create must have the distinct presence of the person or company it represents. The same rules apply to famous things, such as famous animals or famous publications.

We check the accounts that are mentioned in several news outlets. Paid and promotional content is not considered news sources by us. We recently widened our selection of news sources across Instagram and Facebook to include more diverse sources, such as those from extra Black, LGBTQ+, and Latinx media and incorporated more sources from throughout the world, for example. With the changes we’ve made, people may now offer details about their audience, the area in which they are most well-known, and up to five news stories, which will give our teams additional context while they are considering the applications.

We are now beginning to review and actively contact accounts To get verified on Facebook & Instagram with a blue tick you have to meet the requirements for verification, such as creators and public figures who are already verified on Instagram and are therefore eligible to be verified on Facebook, to improve people’s ability to distinguish notable accounts and foster authentic engagement on Facebook.

What exactly does verification entail and NOT entail?

Verification, to put it simply, indicates validity and importance. Being verified does not imply that your content will appear more favorably in our systems’ rankings, and it is not the company’s endorsement of your content. By relying on sources like reputable press coverage and assessing the person’s cultural effect, we aim to ensure objectivity in the verification application process. Are they, for instance, a prominent topic of conversation in their community at the moment? Did they just become popular?

We regret to inform you that verified accounts may put account holders’ security in danger. To sell the badge, hackers can try to take over a verified account (as well as the hard-earned following). We strongly advise setting up two-factor authentication on verified accounts to safeguard them from hacking attempts as well as to be aware of fraud and impersonation efforts.

To make it simpler to recognize posts and comments from reliable, well-known Pages and profiles, we are also continuing to increase the visibility of a verified badge on Facebook.

Can I use my verification badge on another account?

Accounts that have been verified are unable to change their name or transfer their verification to another account. The blue badge’s purpose is to let users know that their account has been verified and that we have verified that they are whom they claim to be.

What happens if a suspect or malicious verification is found?

We will take action if we discover that verification was obtained dishonestly or that someone is selling confirmed accounts to other people. To identify and remove harmful actors from Facebook, we regularly undertake sweeps both on and off the platform. Find out more about Facebook’s Community Guidelines here.

We continually try to enhance everyone’s experience on Instagram and Facebook, and we anticipate that this post will help lay out the process for verification. Visit our Help Center for further details on verification. There are some the ways to get verified on Facebook & Instagram with a blue tick


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