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Let us start with the basic idea. The acquisition of new clients is important to your company’s growth and transformation. They begin as a lead before becoming a loyal or even first-time client of your company. Each new lead is an exciting opportunity for your business to make a good first impression and start a conversation that could lead to a conversion. But, first and foremost, how can you increase your lead generation? Lead generation service for the travel business in Kolkata: Digiedia has the potential to change not only this step of the sales cycle but your entire marketing approach as well.


  1. Participate in Email Marketing.

One should think about email marketing. Although this approach can be intimidating, both CRM and email marketing platforms have automation solutions to help.

Warm emails, on the other hand, are often more effective for produced leads, as seen by:

  • Providing your subscribers with a newsletter
  • Promoting loyalty programs and reaching out to cultivated leads with offers
  • Personalized offers and content might help you reclaim lapsed leads.

Cold emails, on the other hand, can be used to generate leads. As Digiedia discovers, this digitized version of cold calling has value. Simply eliminate spammy behavior, personalize your writing, and make a clear, concise, and attractive offer.

  1. Participate in social media.

Social media activity should surely be included in lead generating strategy. Social media provides a wonderful opportunity to obtain exposure and create leads because of their large, active user populations.

The following are the main advantages of social media marketing:

  • The level of exposure is being raised (88 percent)
  • Increased foot traffic (79 percent)
  • The number of leads generated (69 percent)

These benefits are available in a variety of ways, including:

  • promoting instructional content that drives people to your website
  • To gain audience trust, communicate with them, and respond to their questions.
  • Putting together virtual competitions, presents, and other activities
  1. Organize Events

Few activities, virtual or otherwise, will receive as much attention as events when it comes to events. Depending on your scope of operations, budget, and content plans, you may want to examine both sorts.

  1. Organize webinars

While webinars aren’t a perfect substitute for in-person events, they still have a lot of potentials. According to research, they’re not only effective lead creation tools, but they also produce high-quality leads.

Create live streams, Q&As, and AMAs, among other things. Similarly, the tactics and resources you use to create such material are dependent on you. If you can create such material, you’ll be able to attract new leads while also strengthening existing ones.

Participate in or plan events in your community. Finally, investigate local events, especially if your company is focused on the local market. Those are still some of the most effective techniques to raise brand awareness and build trust with your local communities.

  1. To generate leads, one can use inbound marketing.

Whether you’re a large global organization or a tiny local business, inbound marketing is the beginning point for any lead generation service. Almost everyone nowadays looks for the products and services they need or want on the internet. Shouldn’t you be there every day to greet your potential clients as they journey out into the world and the internet?

Inbound marketing focuses on producing material that is relevant to the queries and inquiries of potential clients. Using search engine optimization, social media, and other best practices, you can ensure that your name and brand, as well as your product and expertise, are the first things potential clients find. Using calls to action and intelligent web design, you can convert these visitors into leads.

  1. Nurturing New Leads

Of course, nurturing those newly generated leads is just as important as generating them in the first place. Otherwise, those leads will stay at the start of the sales cycle, never developing a relationship with your business. For example, we, Lead generation service for the Travel business in Kolkata: Digiedia might target buyer personas with personalized content and track their progress as their interest grows. Our automated approaches save you time and effort, while regular reports show you when and how site visits become leads, and then into loyal clients.


Creating and nurturing leads for your company are simply two aspects of a revolutionary marketing strategy at Digiedia. Lead generation service for the Travel business in Kolkata: Digiedia can not only assist you to connect with and follow these leads, but we can also completely revamp your web presence.

We provide all of the services you need to grow your business and make an effect in your neighborhood, field, and on the web, from website design to entire branding packages and content development. We guarantee that whether you start with just a lead-generating service or upgrade to a larger package, you’ll be pleased with the results.


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