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Technological advancements are altering the way we conduct real estate transactions. Almost every transaction now takes place online, from allowing prospective home buyers to view detailed real estate online to using advanced software and real estate link building websites to match buyers and sellers. Without a doubt, the abundance of listing data available on the internet has encouraged more property buyers while also expanding opportunities for sellers. The sheer number of property listing platforms, on the other hand, means more consumer choices and, ultimately, more competition.

Digiedia Internet Marketing Agency specializes in lead generation for real estate agencies in Kolkata. Our team of experts helps you understand how to get real estate leads and leverage the right resources to boost your real estate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) lead generation efforts. Let’s begin by understanding the significant role of real estate digital marketing in realtor lead generation for real estate agencies.

How to Generate Convertible Real Estate Leads

The real estate brokerage industry has seen remarkable advancement and proliferation of business models over the last decade. To stand out in this competitive industry, you must employ novel strategies for generating real estate leads.

A typical realtor would depend on door knocking and cold calling practices to generate real estate B2C leads. However, in this day and age, these estate agent lead generation methods are no longer sufficient to generate good real estate leads and close sales. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 51% of people use the internet to research real estate and contact real estate agents. As a result, a solid real estate lead generation website is critical to trying to generate and capture new business.

We immerse ourselves in your local market as your devoted real estate lead generation company to ascertain how to get more realtor leads using your website. Our real estate lead generation specialists launch full-service real estate SEO and paid advertising campaigns aimed at increasing website traffic and brand awareness.

How Our Realtor Lead Generation Company Can Help Your Company Grow


Search Engine Marketing (SEO)


With Digiedia incorporated SEO and lead generation for real estate agents, you can establish and maintain a strong online presence. Our real estate B2B link building agency assesses your website structure, content, links, and usability to identify opportunities to increase organic traffic. Our entire real estate lead generation and SEO strategy is focused on helping you move up the rankings and make it to the top of local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising


Through real estate pay-per-click advertising, we assist you in driving instant, qualified leads and traffic to the lead generation real estate website. Residential and commercial real estate lead generation experts at Digiedia develop your keyword research strategy, bid on branded search terms, capitalise on lower-funnel searchers, and maximise geotargeting to increase your advantage pipeline for real estate B2B lead generation.

Marketing with Content


More user interaction and home page conversions result from high-quality content. With informative, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized real estate lead generation website content, you can establish your chief academic brand and generate more qualified leads. Our lead generation real estate professionals create web copy, blog posts, press releases, real estate Facebook lead generation posts, and other real estate agent lead generation content marketing that demonstrates the value of your brand while also meeting your prospects’ most pressing information needs.

Email Promotion


Understanding how to generate leads for a real estate business entails making the most of all customer touchpoints in order to build client trust and drive more configurations. That is why, at Digiedia, we launch targeted email marketing campaigns with the goal of building client relationships. Our real estate lead generation company develops your newsletter schedule, regularly updates your email list, segments your customer base, and continuously develops new real estate lead generation ideas to raise your email open, read, and click-through rates (CTRs)

Video Promotion


Did you know the best real estate lead generation internet sites with video content receive 403 percent more queries than their competitors? Through video marketing, you can highlight the unique characteristics and facilities of your property listings and connect with potential buyers. We create various video content, such as cold community engagement videos, realtor profile videos, customer testimonials, and neighbourhood video tours, as one of the country’s recognised real estate B2B lead generation companies, to guide your clients’ purchasing decisions and help you sell more properties.

Marketing on Social Media (SMM)

Do you have no idea how to start generating real estate leads using social media marketing? You’re in good hands with our real estate Facebook lead generation company! We ascertain which social media platforms your prospects and clients recently spent the majority of their time on, fine-tune your real estate Facebook lead generation and SMM content marketing strategy, use the right hashtags, leverage client testimonials, and employ the right tools to boost your real estate social media marketing and lead generation.

Management of Online Reputation (ORM)


Many real estate agents understand how to generate more realtor leads but fail in their real estate B2B sales process due to a poor online reputation. Allow our real estate lead generation organisation to manage your brand image and web presence. Our real estate lead generation experts collaborate with professionals to repair your online reputation, manage client reviews, and figure out how to get more real estate leads without harming your brand image.

Automated Marketing


Take advantage of marketing automation to learn how to generate more realtor leads and generate new business. To easily track your milestones, Digiedia’s real estate B2B lead generation assistance includes automatic outreach advertising, lead control, email drip campaigns, automated lead scoring systems, and sales force automation. Our commercial real estate lead generation experts streamline your business practises, from email list planning to lead generation, allowing real estate agents to engage more prospects more effectively.


eCommerce Promotion


Learn how to start generating real estate leads using eCommerce marketing to help you grow your real estate business. To increase leads and sales, our real estate B2B lead generation authority develops your marketing budget, optimises your web design and content, clarifies form fields, and creates social proof on your website. We also work with your in-house representatives to develop real estate lead generation strategies that capture the attention and leverage the purchasing power of your best clients.



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