Why does SEO need six months to Rank on Google_

Why does SEO need six months to Rank on Google?

One of the most common questions asked by a company is when they will be able to see the outcome of their money invested in SEO? How long will an SEO campaign take to show organic and profitable results?

They need to understand that SEO is not just a paid marketing campaign that would show you results as soon as you invest your money in it. It will take some time for the search engines to rank your website above all in the Search Results Section.

Before starting on the topic of Why Does SEO need 6 months to rank on any search engine, let us discuss what SEO is and how it works.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a method of improving the quality of the website by various techniques and in turn, generating organic traffic and leads. SEO targets the un-paid results list, and with the proper knowledge of keywords and campaigns, a brand or a company can rank over everyone in the un-paid results section.

Being an Internet strategy, SEO targets the algorithm of how a search engine works, what people search for, what are keywords they search something with, and which search engines are preferred by the users.


Advantages of SEO.

1:- With the increase in internet usage, every brand wants to rank higher in terms of online visibility and SEO plays a very vital role in it. In recent times, it is observed that people pay more attention to what they see on the internet rather than on a big billboard and thus, companies have started investing in SEO campaigns rather than big-budget billboard ads.

2:- SEO campaigns help you to promote your website every day. As per a poll conducted in 2020, Google processes more than 6000 search results in a second and with the rise in the internet culture in India, these numbers would have significantly increased over time.

3:- Another benefit of SEO is that it promotes your brand in between the most valuable customers from around the world. SEO helps you appear in the search results section every time a user searches for a relevant keyword and the continuous listing of the unpaid Search Results section significantly increases your brand’s value.

4:- Everyone wants to outrank their competitors in this world of bulk competition. A new startup always wants to outrank some of the reigning companies selling the same goods and services as them. With a better SEO strategy and better target keywords, it is possible to outrank your toughest competitor.



How Much Time Would SEO Take to Show Profitable Results?

A good SEO campaign takes between 6 to 12 months to show profitable results. Results also depend on the Search Engine, as every search engine wants to show the best results to its users. For example, A campaign can take up to 9 months to show profitable results on Google while it may take only 4 months to start generating leads on another Search Engine like Opera Mini or Yahoo.

It takes time to rank better in a search result section but with a good SEO strategy, 6 to 12 months is a long enough period to see the impact of SEO with the increase in organic traffic and leads which can be turned into potential customers. An investment in SEO campaigns is a profitable investment until and unless you unleash good strategies with proper planning. 


Factors Determining Time for SEO to Show Results 


1:- History of your Website:

A new domain takes a little bit longer than usual to show results. As soon as the website grows old, it becomes a bit easy for the SEO Campaign to show results. For a new domain, it might take approximately 9 to 12 months to show some results. For the comparatively old domains, they don’t need to get to see results early, they would need to constantly update their SEO strategies for better results and to overrank their competitors.


2:- The Competitors: 

With the constant increase in the online business culture, it has become a bit more challenging for brands to stay at the top for a longer period in the market. A brand with low competition and a good SEO strategy will show results quicker than a brand with a good SEO strategy but with greater competition to overrank.


3:- The Resources:

Competition and History are what a brand cannot control but what they can control is the resources and knowledge they invest in building the website. It is very important to understand how knowledge plays an important role in SEO campaigns than the money or history of a website. Let’s take an example of 2 websites that have just started and are on the same field of play. Assume that Website A puts in all the money they had in SEO campaigns without proper knowledge of Keywords and Trends, whereas Website B has fewer resources but invests all the knowledge they have and stays up-to-date with all the trends of the market.

Even if Website A invested money, Website B will see faster results as they have invested what is the most important part of an SEO Campaign, Knowledge.


4:- Content and Backlinks

We have talked a lot about keywords and their importance in an SEO Campaign but it is very important that whatever keywords a brand thinks would leverage their online presence is somewhere present very frequently in the content that is there on the website. Content in a website plays an important role as it drives the Search Engine to rank the website higher.   

After content, backlinks are also the driving force for a website to rank higher. A website rank is also dependent on how the website is linked to other pages or the same page. A search engine looks for a quick loading, beautifully presented, and a website that has relevant information related to the keywords a user has searched.


Therefore, now you know why SEO takes time but one should always trust the process. Invest the right amount of knowledge in your website and see it turning out to be a fruitful one.  




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