Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking

Differences between Paid and Organic ranking on google search

Whenever we talk about the ranking of a website on Google search, many companies have the dilemma that they should go for the Paid Search or for the Organic ranking. With the help of this article, we want to educate all our viewers about what is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking on Google Search.

Before starting off with the comparison let us talk about what is the definition of Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking on Google?

Google generally offers two types of searches for all the companies that list their website for the Google Search i.e. Paid Search and Organic Search.

As the name suggests the typical difference between these two types of ranking or searches is the cost which is associated with it. When we talk about the Paid Ranking, Paid Search results are ads that are placed both above and below organic search results which take you to a relevant landing page based on the search query of an individual. There are typically up to 4 paid search results above the organic search results, and 4 ads below the organic search results. This is also known as search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). The companies generate paid ranking by bidding for their wishful spot and the higher the bid, the position is thus acquired.

But, on the other hand, if we talk about the organic ranking, Organic Search results are the relevant websites shown on the Search Engine Result Pages, based on the search query of a user. The organically ranking website appears below the ads, and below the map results if a local search was performed. To achieve higher website rankings in Google organically, SEO is required which means that the ranking of any website listed organically is truly based on the SEO you do on your website and the number of keywords and links you add there. This ranking is solely on the basis of the quality of the website and the keyword it is searched for.

Now, as we know what is the meaning and the difference of their names, let us talk about the difference between their advantages and disadvantages.

When we talk about Organic ranking, it attracts relevant users to your website who are potential repeating customers but on the other hand, when we talk about the Paid ranking, it attracts ready-to-buy customers who might not repeat their same purchase but would be a one-time customer for your company. After the sale, it purely depends upon your service and the product that will the consumer come back for another purchase or not.

Also, when we talk about the difference between Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking, many individuals tend to focus on a short-term goal. Yes, organic marketing might take a bit of time but it is completely worth it because of the credibility it brings along. The customer who visited your website will be a genuine one as he would have landed on your website because of some keywords that you have used in the correct manner. While, if we talk about the paid ranking, their credibility is based on the budget they offer to Google, the bigger the budget, the higher the placement, and thus higher the conversion rate. But, this conversion rate is just for a small amount of time, as time passes by, your revenue might not be the same every time for having paid rankings. 

A very big advantage of using paid rankings is that it gives you all the data of the SEO that you should apply on your website to generate better results and repeat customers. When anyone approaches organic marketing, they have to do all the research by themselves about the keywords, links, etc.

These were some of the differences between the advantages of Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking. Moving forward, let us see what are the differences between the disadvantages of these two types of marketing.

The biggest disadvantage of paid ranking is that it only provides short-term results, when anyone opts for paid marketing, they can only enjoy the leads till they have a potential balance in their wallet. As soon as the money vanishes, Google stops showing their website on the Search Engine Results Page leading to an exponential fall of the leads generated. 

Whenever we talk about the difference between Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking on Google, the biggest diversion that occurs between these two types of rankings is that if a brand or a company drops their website on the search engine results page via the Paid method, they would be charged per click and will be placed as per their bid. On the other side, if we talk about the SEO backed Organic Ranking, you do not need to pay anything except for the domain and hosting making it a very valuable offer for new businesses or startups.

These were some of the comparisons between Paid Ranking and Organic Ranking on Google. So, to conclude we would like to say that it depends on the brand or company on what their goal is. If they want to gain lean and customers on a very regular basis, they should then go towards organic marketing but, if the brands want instant results and want instant customers which might repeat their purchase based on their products and services, they should move toward paid ranking on the Google search results page.


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