What is Chat GPT

What is Chat GPT and why it’s trending in 2023 | Digiedia Best Digital marketing agency in Kolkata?

What is chat GPT?

If you do not have any clear idea of What is Chat GPT, then let us tell you that – A subset of Open AI’s well-known GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model is called Chat GPT. A chatbot called Chat GPT is created to make it simple for companies to automate customer care. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to comprehend consumer inquiries and give pertinent responses. Also, the chatbot may be used to manage a variety of jobs including making appointments, receiving orders, and offering assistance.

Over the past several years, the number of artificial intelligence products has risen. The use of AI in writing applications, text-to-image converters, and even AI self-portraits has amazed us. Currently, Chat GPT, an AI chatbot that is flooding the internet, is providing us a glimpse of what AI technology is capable of.

If you’re looking for a powerful artificial intelligence solution to help you grow your business, you need to be aware of Chat GPT. Because it has so many advantages over conventional AI tools, this cutting-edge chatbot is now popular. Launched in November 2022, Chat GPT – Chat Generative Pre-trained is a chatbot created by Open AI. It is based on the Open AI GPT-3 family of big language models, and it has been improved using supervised and reinforcement learning methods.


The purpose of using chat GPT

There has some of the key benefits of using chat GPT.

For example

●      It can understand and respond to different range of languages

 Chat GPT can understand multiple languages. It has been trained on a vast sample of human language, enabling it to comprehend and produce answers to a variety of user input. It is perfect for developing chatbots that answer to a variety of consumer requests or questions as a result. So as a result, it can solve your problem in various ways.

●      Gives security of a website

On website, A safe and confidential conversational environment is provided by Chat GPT. In order to provide a secure environment free from intervention or manipulation, it employs AI to detect spam, censorship, and harmful content. Additionally, neither Chat GPT stores nor transmits any personal information to outside parties. To ensure that users’ privacy is always protected, all communication with them is encrypted and kept locally.

●      Efficient

Chat GPT may, of course, deliver standard answers to questions like any other chatbot. Although this may convey complex ideas in a number of tones and delivery methods. Secondly, it responds to queries sent by users, for example via a search engine or virtual assistant.


●      Helps to create content in various language

Create content in different languages using Chat GPT if you’re a content provider who would want to reach a wider audience. Before doing that, you must have the clear idea of what is chat GPT. While Google Translate is provided, many contextual and linguistic cues may be lost when translating from one language to another. Direct content creation in many languages is possible with Chat GPT. 

●      Lead generation

You can allow Chat GPT to offer personal branding strategies, the sorts of content to produce, and even the AI tools to produce the content! Using your network and brand to identify the proper customers, develop connections, and meet your sales targets is the key to successful online selling. This step is necessary because it allows you to grow your network, cultivate possible prospects who could be interested in doing business with you, and establish trust with your connections.

Why chat GPT is trending in 2023?


●      Budget-friendly

Using Chat GPT, support and customer service may be provided at a very low cost. Companies can use Chat GPT to cut down on the number of customer support agents required to address client enquiries, which can help cut down on overhead expenses.

●      Provide quick service

In the past, customer service representatives would respond to calls or chat requests from clients. The entire procedure takes a while. However, Chat GPT allows you to encourage automatic conversations. The amount of time spent on manual contact is reduced because GPTs can initiate discussion on their own.

●      Increase engagement on a website

More interactive client engagement is possible with Chat GPT. Businesses and companies can offer customers a more engaging customer experience using Chat GPT, which can increase customer loyalty.

●      Enhance efficiency

Chat GPT can help businesses deliver efficient and timely customer service. Businesses may react to client queries right away with Chat GPT without having to wait for customer care agents.

●      Helps to enhance scalability

Chat GPT is a wonderful choice for use in enterprise-grade applications since it is scalable. Open AI’s cutting-edge Chat GPT language generation tool is always being updated and improved. Companies must use technology that substantially lowers overhead expenses if they want to maintain their competitive advantage. Businesses that use Chat GPT may scale more easily and spend less money. The system must be able to handle more complicated and substantial inputs in order to be helpful in large-scale language-producing tasks. This will increase the system’s range of applications.


In this blog, we have discussed what is chat GPT and how to use it properly. In the future, It will grow more specialized, improving its utility for particular use situations. Businesses and companies will be able to benefit from more specialized use cases thanks to the faster natural language processing in chat GPT. For instance, by consulting customer knowledge databases and client-specific data produced by back-end systems and AI algorithms, customer care representatives will be able to swiftly access and address both simple and complex consumer inquiries. This can automate significant portions of the procedure to cut costs and offer 24/7 immediate client support.

Although Chat GPT is a potent tool, it cannot replace human decisions and, if improperly configured, may create biased or objectionable content. Because of this, it’s essential to use this tool responsibly and morally.


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