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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads Lead to  Quality in Real Estate business | Digiedia Best Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Over the past several years, digital marketing platforms have undergone significant development. It might be difficult to choose between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Which is best for your company will rely on a number of things, such as the amount of money you’re ready to spend on conversion and the time and resources you have to handle the ad campaigns. In order to help you make an informed choice about how to grow your business using these advertising platforms, we’ll explain the differences between  Facebook Ads vs Google ads lead quality in Real Estate business, in this post including the objectives, the visual differences, and the advantages of each in doing so.

Facebook ads


The most popular social networking site is Facebook. Facebook has more active users online than any other social networking site, but Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest have grown in popularity over time as well. In this day and age, having an online business platform for your company is crucial. Your business can grow if you have a professional Facebook ads page. With Facebook ads, you can create ads, raise brand awareness, increase traffic, engage your audience, and many more.

Highlights of Facebook Ads


  • According to research, Facebook advertising are used by more than 90% of social media advertisers. You can reach the most appropriate people to display your advertising to in a variety of different forms thanks to the enormous audience targeting capacity. On Facebook, there are six different ad forms, three main purposes with several subcategories, and a small number of ad locations.


  • In comparison to Google’s text advertisements, Facebook ads are far more visually appealing and deeply integrated into the platform, which is a significant benefit.


  • In addition, you can use CANVA or any other editing tools to optimize your advertising for mobile and provide your consumers with an amazing, immersive experience. In the real estate business, When running advertisements, you may also offer Facebook complete control over ad placements. In order to test the advertisements that work the best and dedicate your marketing budget exclusively to the ad forms and places that are most practical.


  • With Facebook ads, you can retarget your audience. This practice of showing you the company’s advertisements after visiting their website in several applications is known as retargeting. Recent visitors might see advertisements thanks to remarketing. Whether it is a real estate business or fashion business, It implies you may re-engage website visitors through Facebook advertisements if they visit but do not buy from you or contact you.


  • The advantage of using Facebook for marketing is that it legitimately aids in increasing exposure and, as a result, brand awareness. Your social media profile offers fresh ways and chances to promote your material as well as show off the personality and voice of your company. By publishing pertinent content that benefits your niche market. Using Facebook ads for marketing efforts has several advantages, and this is one of them. You are introducing fresh leads to your brand while also increasing its familiarity.


Google ads


A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising network, Google Ads, originally known as Google AdWords, displays ads that are sponsored by companies. Through Google’s Search Partners or Display Network, these advertisements can be found in the search results on google.com or other websites. With google ads, you can easily promote your business, they are managed online. You can sell products or services, raise awareness or increase traffic to your website. As most businesses are shifting online, if anyone owns a real estate business, they should go for google ads. The best part of google ads is that google ads have no minimum spending amount. As a result, you can control your own budget. You choose where your ad appears, set a budget that is comfortable for you and easily measure the impact of your ad. the difference between Facebook Ads vs Google Ads Lead to  Quality varies.


Highlights of google ads


  • Google advertising operates under the PPC (pay-per-click) model. This implies that marketers use Google to target common keywords and place bids against other marketers who are using the same keywords. For instance, if your cost per click is determined by Google to be Rs. 2 and the highest bid is Rs. 4, you would be given that ad location. If it is more than Rs. 4, you will not receive an advertisement.


  • The nicest thing about Google Ads is that there is no minimum spending requirement. You may thus manage your own finances as a result. You have control over your advertisement’s placement, your budget, and the ease with which you can gauge its effectiveness. We’ll talk about how Google Ads assists real estate businesses to receive leads that are of high quality in this topic.


  • The selection of online ad formats that are provided to businesses has expanded along with Google Ads through the Advertisers have a variety of add-on choices in addition to the ad formats, including site link extensions, location extensions, pricing extensions, call extensions, and more, to drive targeted traffic for their particular company needs. That’s why google ad is pretty much helpful for real estate businesses. Options for Google Ad Format-


  • Responsive search ads and text ads
  • responsive display ads with images
  • Ads for app promotion
  • ad videos
  • Advertisements for goods (Commonly known as PLA or Shopping Ads)
  • Display Ads for Shopping
  • Call ads



Cost of Facebook Ads and Google Ads


Google Ads are slightly more costly than Facebook Ads. A business in the textile sector could only have to pay $0.45 per click on Facebook. Finance, real estate, and insurance companies would be the most costly business categories to advertise with on Facebook. Their typical CPC is still under $3.77. Even if Google Ads have a higher average CPC, they can be more effective at reaching users when they are making a purchasing choice.




The difference between Facebook Ads vs Google Ads Leads to  Quality of any business is not always the same. Together, Facebook and Google may be quite effective, particularly when it comes to remarketing.

A solid business goal, budget, and target market – will provide significant aspects which might benefit your brand at different stages of its development after you take them into consideration. It basically depends on your decision. Google Ads can be the best option for your real estate business if you are attracting new customers who are interacting with your business. But if you want to create a strong audience base and raise brand recognition , then Facebook ads will help you get there more affordably than google ads.


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